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Application of  Laser cutting machine in the advertising industry

Laser cutting machine in the advertising industry, According to incomplete statistics, the current penetration rate of laser processing equipment in the industry is still less than 5%.

Laser cutting machine in the advertising industry, With the development of the industry,

the replacement demand for upgrading original tool processing equipment to laser cutting machines will accelerate.

In the future, this application industry will generate market demand for more than 50,000 laser cutting machines,

reaching 1.1 billion yuan, about 28 times the current market size.

For the statistics of such data, it can be known that the use of laser cutting machines is very extensive,

not only occupying the leading position in the advertising industry,

but also occupies an important position on both sides of other industries.

In the advertising industry, the reason why it is so popular is the design itself, the product has fewer consumables,

the use environment is clean and hygienic, and it is suitable for environmental protection

The important point for advertising is to be able to cut different products according to customer needs, as long as With drawings,

it can be controlled by the computer and cut out good samples immediately, which improves the flexibility of the enterprise.

The development of the advertising industry is to design the products that customers need according to the requirements of customers,

so the cutting machine is the most important tool, which is an important foundation for the rapid development of the advertising industry.

Laser cutting machine in the advertising industry.

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