Application of Laser Cutting Machine in Automotive Manufacturing-Lucy | XTLASER

Application of Laser Cutting Machine in Automotive Manufacturing-Lucy

Application of Laser Cutting Machine in Automotive Manufacturing

Why fiber laser cutting machine are more suitable for the production of Automotive Manufacturing?

The manufacture of automotive parts are earlier used in fiber laser cutting machine. Fiber laser cutting machine can cut large size of the car and windshield and so on. and this work need three-dimensional cutting machine or a robot. Flexible cutting systems consisting of robot + fiber lasers are more common. So laser cutting machine in automotive manufacturing are very important.

In recent years, high-strength steel has become a major material for light weighting in the automotive industry. Because the high-strength steel have the following characteristic.

1 First high weight loss potential

2 Second high impact absorption energy

3 Third high fatigue strength

4 Fourth high form ability

5 At last but not least  low planar anisotropy

So fiber laser cutting machine can meet the demand of automotive industry.


How the laser cutting machine worked for us?

Laser cutting is a new technology. It uses laser to cut metal and is usually used for metal for example stainless steel,carbon steel and so on .

The focused laser beam is directed at the material. The laser melts the material and then blows off the waste in the waste with a gas, leaving a smooth cut in the material.

New  fiber laser cutting machine is always used in sheet metal processing.


XTLASER fiber laser cutting machine

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