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The application of Fiber laser marking machine-Jennifer

Firstly, from the applicable fields, fiber laser marking machine will use in the following areas.  The centralized chips, computer spare parts, industrial bearings, watches, electrical and communication products. Aerospace Industry, automobile spare parts, household appliance, hardware tools, and so on. It is with pictures and word marking, and mass industrial producing lines.

From the function, the following targets can be finished:

Marking black on Oxygen aluminium

Firstly, with the Mopa’s adjustable pluse width, this function can be realized easily. This is also the major difference between Mopa and standard fiber laser marking machine.

mopa laser marking machine
Mopa laser marker use

Secondly, this needs to adjust the related parameters, which can mark different colors on stainless steel by Mopa fiber laser marking machine.

Mopa laser has the stronger usage in the plastic marking machine. For the mopa usage the plastic, it needs to adjust the parameters. XT LASER is professional in the plastic marking & colors marking. Many customer doing the mobile covers IMEI marking, will choose the fiber laser mopa machine.

Online flying marking

Thirdly, the meaning is to combine the fiber laser marking machine with producing line, which means marking and loading materials one time.

Through this way, it can enhance the working efficiency

Mini fiber laser marking machine

fiber laser marking system

Fourth, small and portable fiber laser marking machine. It is very small, and less space using.

Finally, The portable marker can meet the general requirement of clients.

Any question about the colors engraving, free to let me know.

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