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Application of fiber laser cutting machine in home appliance.

Whether it’s washing machines, electric pressure cookers, rice cookers, etc.fiber laser cutting machine in home appliance.

The role of household appliances that are closely related to our lives and diet is becoming more and more important.

All of these appliances will involve stainless steel.

Then the application of stainless steel products in the home appliance industry.

Cartridge, Then the water heater tank mainly washing machines and refrigerators lining, etc.

So due to the stainless steel has excellent durability, But it strength and workability.

But design is concise and simple sense at the same time, Then it’s a lot of refrigerator.

Range hood shell also use more stainless steel material.

The traditional stainless steel cutting technology has the problems of tool wear.

So low machining efficiency and easy to produce burr, rough surface and deformation.
In contrast, the advantages of laser cutting but  technology then they are more prominent.

Becoming the common choice of many stainless steel processing enterprises.

Advantages of laser cutting.

1. No working stress, no deformation of workpiece.

But with laser cutting equipment cutting, not influenced by the hardness of materials.

This is due to the nature of the laser, So is incomparable advantage and over traditional equipment.

laser cutting of steel plate, stainless steel, aluminum alloy and cemented carbide cutting without deformation.

2. No secondary processing, high machining efficiency.

With laser cutting equipment and processing of stainless steel plate.

Adopting the non-contact processing way, And will not affect the deformation of the workpiece more will not affect the next working procedure.

And after laser cutting processing without secondary processing, and the cutting surface is smooth.

3. Better positioning accuracy and good cutting effect.

Focused laser beam into a very small points of light.

And make the focus to achieve high power density materials quickly heated to gasification.

Evaporation form holes, good beam quality, positioning accuracy is better.

So the cutting precision is also higher.

4. No tool wear, low maintenance cost.

Laser cutting machine is used to cut stainless steel without loss.

So High cut photoelectric conversion rate, lower processing cost, and less maintenance with fiber laser cutting machine.

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