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Application of fiber laser cutting machine industry

Agricultural machinery industry

Application of fiber laser cutting machine industry, the continuous development of agriculture and the continuous improvement of various agricultural machinery.

The types of agricultural machinery products tend to diversify and specialize. And classified into dozens according to processing power, processing object classification. And processing type.

The upgrades and updates of these products also provide new requirements for the manufacture of agricultural machinery products.

The advanced laser processing technology, drawing system. And numerical control technology of laser cutting machine accelerate the manufacturing development of agricultural machinery products and improve economic benefits.

Reduce the production cost of agricultural machinery products.

Laser processing has gradually become an important means of processing and production of agricultural machinery, promoting the rapid development of the agricultural machinery industry.

And achieving win-win and mutually beneficial development of different industries.

Advertising production industry

For the advertising production industry, the products processed generally have metal and non-metal materials.

Therefore, a multi-industry application technology of laser cutting machine provides great advantages for advertising processing.

For the traditional processing equipment of advertising, general processing is adopting.

Due to the processing precision and the unsatisfactory cutting surface, the reproduction font is quite high, which is a waste of cost for the advertising industry and greatly reduces the work efficiency.

However, the use of laser cutting machine equipment for processing can effectively solve this type of problem, using high-precision laser cutting technology, cutting the surface, with pure auxiliary gas for processing, can  perfectly reflected.

In addition, the laser cutting machine equipment can also process some complex graphics, which can be completed in the traditional technology department.

The advertising company has expanded the processing products and improved the market.

The side adds extra profit to the enterprise, no need Performing a second rework, one completed operation stabilizes customer resources.

To sum up

In addition to the above-mentioned most widely used laser cutting machines, such as automotive, aerospace, steel construction, elevator manufacturing, printing industry, etc.

Have a corresponding development space, so laser cutting machine will become the mainstream development in the future.

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