Analysis of advantages of laser welding machine-Zoro

Analysis of advantages of laser welding machine

Laser welding machine-Nancy

1. Fast speed

The laser welding machine has fast welding speed, large depth and small deformation. Little heat is generated during the welding process. And it can avoid thermal deformation in the welding seam area. The welding surface is neat, the welding seam is of high quality. And the overall beauty is free. There is no excessive demand for Welding does not require polishing and grinding.

2. Simple operation

The laser welding machine can weld at room temperature or under special conditions. The laser welding equipment is simple. And it can weld refractory materials such as titanium, and can weld heterogeneous materials with good results. After the laser is focused, the power density is high. When welding high-power devices, the aspect ratio can reach 5:1, and the highest can reach 10:1.

3. Flexible welding

Laser welding can be used for micro-welding. After the laser beam is focused, a small spot can be obtained, and it can be accurately positioned. It can be applied to the group welding of micro and small workpieces produced by mass automation; it can weld inaccessible parts and perform non- It has great flexibility for long-distance welding. The laser beam is easy to realize the beam splitting according to time and space, and can perform multi-beam simultaneous processing and multi-station processing, which provides conditions for more precise welding.

Laser welding is a new type of welding method, mainly for welding thin-walled materials and precision parts. It can realize spot welding, butt welding, stitch welding, sealing welding, etc., with high aspect ratio, small weld width, and small heat affected zone. , Small deformation, fast welding speed, smooth and beautiful welding seam, no need to handle or simple processing after welding, high welding seam quality, no air holes, precise control, small focus spot, high positioning accuracy, easy to realize automation.


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