Analysis and Development Prospects of Fiber Laser Cutting Machine Industry

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As a rising star of the industrial revolution, China has become the world’s number one manufacturing power. Compared to the international market, the Chinese fiber laser cutting machine industry started relatively late, but technological progress and growth are fast. China has a huge market demand to support the continuous development and rise of the fiber laser cutting machine industry. With the continuous improvement of domestic industrial level, the fiber laser cutting machine industry in China started in the 1980s and gradually matured after more than 30 years of rapid development.

It is worth noting that the fiber laser cutting machine industry in China, whether in production manufacturing or operation management, has developed through drawing on and learning from the experience of foreign peers, and there are limitations in the market field. Accelerating the development of the fiber laser cutting machine industry is of great significance for promoting the upgrading of the manufacturing industry, promoting stable growth of the national economy, and adjusting the structure.

Rapid demand growth and rapid industry development

When traditional punching machines and shearing machines are unable to meet the needs of a large number of metal processing enterprises, the fiber laser cutting machine industry has rapidly become popular, bringing various small and medium-sized enterprises processing experiences and needs that traditional equipment cannot meet. The fiber laser cutting machine industry has rapidly risen to become the main force in metal material prices, more precisely, it is a necessary equipment for sheet metal processing. With the advent of the digital era, The fiber laser cutting machine industry should continue to diversify, combine, automate, and intelligentize.

Diversified demand, opportunities, and challenges coexist

The fiber laser cutting machine industry is developing towards faster speed, higher accuracy, more complex functions, and higher requirements for equipment research and development, design, manufacturing, and other aspects. To achieve both quality and performance improvement. Secondly, due to the increasing number of industry applications, the market has formed a diversified demand market, which not only requires standard and customized machines but also important markets.

In the future, for fiber laser cutting machine manufacturers, qualified qualifications are fundamental, and professional technical strength and services are also important factors for market considerations. Under the premise of promising industry development prospects, there is also a hidden deep test for fiber laser cutting machine manufacturers.

Industry reshuffle is a necessary path

With the rapid development of the fiber laser cutting machine industry, China has become the single largest market for fiber laser cutting machines. However, China is a major manufacturer of fiber laser cutting machines and not a strong country. Products are mainly sold to Southeast Asia, Africa, the Middle East, and other regions due to their practicality and price advantages, with little sales to Europe and America.

With the intensification of international competition, the number of enterprises engaged in laser equipment processing and manufacturing in the domestic market is gradually increasing. However, many extensive enterprises need to undergo market elimination mechanisms for reshuffling in order to truly incubate large and strong brands with international competitiveness. Domestic fiber laser cutting machine enterprises need to change their thinking and strengthen innovation and performance improvement while rapidly expanding market share, Promote the transformation from a major country to a powerful one.

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