Amazing, the laser cutting machine into the high school new curriculum standard-Angelina

Amazing, the laser cutting machine into the high school new curriculum standard

Laser cutting machine was included in the “17-1834 General High School General Technical Curriculum Standards” and “17-1847 General Senior Secondary Information Technology Curriculum Standards”.

The new curriculum standard pays more attention to students’ creativity development and technical invention.

And learn to use 3D printers, laser cutting machines, electric irons and other maker tools.

After years of development,people use laser cutting machine in industrial production.

And they have turned from high-end craftsmanship to standard equipment in many industries.

1.Applied industry of fiber laser cutting machine

1. sheet metal processing

As we know,the advantages of high-efficiency and high-quality laser cutter are popular in the processing of sheet metal.

Then it makes the sheet metal processing free from the original high cost, multi-manpower and inefficient processing methods.

2. the automotive industry

In the automobile manufacturing, whether it is the body-in-white or the automobile parts, the laser-cutting figure is indispensable.

So the laser cutting machine is formed at one time.

And the processing effect is higher, fully satisfying the production demand of the automobile industry assembly line.

3. Advertising industry

Besides,The advertising industry has a fast update rate, high customization rate and low efficiency in traditional processing.
Moreover,it has gradually become the mainstream in the advertising industry.
No matter what kind of words,we can cut it quickly.
In addition, laser cutting machine is popular in rail transportation, aerospace, engineering machinery, agricultural machinery.

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