Aluminum steel fiber-laser-cutting-machine:Jill

Aluminum steel fiber-laser-cutting-machine

Aluminum  steel fiber-laser-cutting-machine.

Lets go on our topic of how to find one suitable fiber laser cutting machine to cut aluminum,stainless steel,carbon steel,brass,cooper,etc.

Actually,in Chinese market,maybe you can find that the machine shape looks almost same,but the price with a large difference. Thats surprised you,right?

Many of my friends ask about this situation before their purchasing,and always want to choose one cost-effective one,thats normal for any buyers.

When i buy something from Amzon or Alibaba ,i always compare the price and quality before buying,thats necessary.

And in China, there is one proverbs is that you get what you pay for.

I noticed that many suppliers prefer to share their machine pictures with the buyers,to show that they really have the machine.

Yes,they have the machine,but you have to focus on if they are factory or just one trading company. Maybe they show you many machine pictures,but they have show you their factory? they have invited you to have a visiting of their factory to see the real machine cutting process,to see the machine quality ?

Well, even if they take you to their machine factory,but you can sure thats their factory?

Its too difficult to judge it,but you can know it according to their talking with others in factory.

If they are in good relations,say hi to everybody,almost they are from this factory.

After you know they are real factory,then focus on their factory strength.

The amount of the machines,the staffs of the factory,the service of the company,of course,the most important is the machine quality.

How to judge the quality?

Firstly to ask their machine configuration sheet,to know about their brand of configuration,to see the configuration sheet is professional,complete or not.

Then to see the real machine,to make sure the real machine configuration is the same with the sheet.

Thirdly,to check the configurations cost,if the machine with higher configurations,but the price is too lower than others,so pls focus on the false higher configurations or they will send you machine without some parts to balance their cost.

Finally,the cutting process,as a great machine,the cutting will be not with any black border.

And for that time,maybe there is just several factories you can choose.Then to compare the price and the quality,to choose one honest,reliable supplier with good quality.

Finally,if you want to know more about the fiber laser cutting market and machine.

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