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Advantages of portable fiber laser marking machine

Advantages of portable fiber laser marking machine, the portable fiber laser marking machine  also know as a hand-held fiber laser marking machine or a portable laser marking machine. Designed to solve the problem of laser marking of existing large parts. The size of the whole machine and the mainframe of the computer are small and convenient. It can operate  hand and can laser mark large mechanical parts in any direction.

First, using pulse fiber laser, the peak power of up to 25kW is output when the pulse width is less than 30ns, and the high beam quality M2;

Second, the laser’s all-fiber structure design ensures high reliability of the laser without any optical components for collimation adjustment;

Third, the integrated design of the system makes the customer more convenient to use and provides an ideal solution for various industrial applications;

Forth, long service life, small size, no need for huge water cooling system, just simple air cooling. It can work normally even in harsh environments such as shock, vibration, high temperature or dust. Full air-cooled, no consumables, maintenance-free, low cost of use;

Fifth, processing speed is 2-3 times that of traditional laser marking machine, excellent beam quality, small spot size, narrow marking line width, suitable for fine marking;

Sixth, the use cost is low, energy saving and energy saving, the whole machine power is only 500W. Compare with lamp pumping and semiconductor laser marking machines, the annual electricity cost can reduce  20,000-30,000 yuan;

Seventh, one-piece modular design, easy to repair, small size. Save your valuable plant space. Portable marking machine: compact, small size, easy to carry, 30-50KG. (Small is good, I want to leave where to put it).

Then, the following mainly explains the advantages of long life and small size and light weight. Therefore, a single wide-light-emitting area semiconductor pump laser use as the pump source of the fiber laser. The all-fiber laser will have long life characteristics. Therefore, it has hundreds of thousands of hours of production. Long-life fiber lasers are technically feasible.

To sum up

Therefore, the all-fiber laser can cool the optical path, and the optical path occupies a small space. In the case of using a single wide-light-emitting area semiconductor pump laser as the pump source. The pump laser can dispersedly mount, has good heat dissipation characteristics. Then and does not have a mounting density; it can air-cool; high installation density. Then, only a small amount of water can be used to meet the heat dissipation requirements. Therefore, the volume of the all-fiber laser is smaller than that of the gas and solid-state laser systems of the same output power.  Lighter weight. In short, small, no matter where it is convenient, but the function is still strong and unaffected.

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