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Advantages of Pipe Laser Cutting Machine

With the maturity and rapid development of laser technology, it is widely famous in many industries. The laser cutting technology has also developed from sheet metal cutting to metal pipe cutting. The application of professional pipe laser cutting machine have greatly improved the processing efficiency of metal pipes. Today XT laser mainly analyzes the advantages of professional pipe laser cutter as well as the application on the market.

As a special laser cutting machine, the metal pipe laser cutting machine is mainly for standard metal pipes (round pipes, rectangular pipes, etc.), profiles (channel steel , Angle steel, etc.) and some special-shaped pipes laser cutting.


Compared with the traditional processing technology, its advantages mainly in the following aspects:

1.High cutting accuracy, and repeated positioning accuracy can reach ±0.03mm.

2.No burrs, and the slit is thin, also with small material loss.

3.No directly surface contact, it with small heat-affected zone and almost no deformation.

4.High cutting efficiency and mass production.

5.last but not at least,Good flexibility, using professional numerical control system and kit programming software, it is easy change or replace products at any time.

So,we can see that the professional pipe laser cutting machine can replace mechanical drilling, milling, sawing, punching or burrs cleaning and other processing procedures that require different metal pipe processing equipment and tools, it will realize cutting grooves or holes, notches and other possible size and shape features processing, etc., also can be widely famous in sheet metal processing, kitchenware, lamps, automobiles, medical equipment, hardware, fitness equipment and other industries.

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