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Advantages of handheld laser welding machine

Laser welding is now derived, subverting the traditional welding process with the development of laser cutting,. The handheld welding machine is flexible and convenient, easy to operate, and the welding distance is not restricted. It is equipped with professional welding software. The heat-affected area is small, no deformation, no blackening, and the welding depth is large, and the welding is firm. Meet the welding needs of various types of metal plates.

Features of handheld laser welding machine:

advantages of metal laser welding machine and solutions
advantages of metal laser welding machine and solutions

First, small size of equipment
Second, flexible and convenient operation, can realize outdoor welding
Third, good beam quality, fast speed, small thermal deformation, precision, and high integration
Fourth, the welding seam is beautiful, smooth, and without porosity, no need to handle or simple treatment after welding
Fifth, the hand-held welding gun can weld the workpiece at any angle, and is suitable for spot welding of complex welding seams and various devices.

Advantages of handheld laser welding machine:

1. Reduced requirements for operators
No professional training is required, ordinary employees can operate
Solve the problems of difficulty in training, living more and fewer people, and raising people
One machine can save two welders a year
2. Improve welding quality
Can complete welding tasks that ordinary welders can’t complete
The workpiece is not deformed, the welding seam is beautiful, there is no welding slag, and the welding depth is large
Special corner positions can be used for non-contact welding
3. efficiency improvement
The work efficiency is 5-10 times that of ordinary argon arc welding
Can connect tooling and robot automatic welding
Follow-up cost reduction
There is no need for welding consumables, and the grinding work of welding scars is basically gone, which greatly reduces the cost of use.
The life of the laser is 100,000 hours (40 years), which is much longer than the service life of ordinary equipment.

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