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Advantages of fiber laser cutting machine-Ariel

Advantages of fiber laser cutting machine

As we all know, fiber laser cutting machines are widely used in the field of metal cutting. So this article is about advantages of fiber laser cutting machine.

1.High efficiency

Because of the transmission characteristics of laser, laser cutting machine is usually equipped with a number of CNC workbench. And the whole cutting process can achieve CNC. When the operation, it only need to change the numerical control program. And it can be applied to different shape parts cutting. So it not only can carry out two-dimensional cutting, but also can achieve three-dimensional cutting.

2.Fast speed

For example, the cutting speed is up to 260cm/min with 3000w laser cutter to cut 8mm carbon steel plate. It can up to 350cm/min when cutting 1mm stainless steel.

3.High quality cutting

Firstly, the laser cutting incision is thin and narrow. And the two sides of the cutting seam are parallel and perpendicular to the surface. Besides,the dimensional precision of cutting parts can reach ±0.03mm;

Secondly,laser cutting surface clean and beautiful. And the surface roughness is only dozens of microns. It has no mechanical processing so the parts can be used directly;

Thirdly, the laser cutting workpiece has the advantages of small deformation, high cutting precision and good geometry.

4.No-contact cutting

Laser cutting with no direct contact with the workpiece. There is no tool wear.Machining different shape parts, do not need to change the tool. It only need to change the output parameters of the laser.The laser cutting process has low noise, vibration and pollution.

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