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Advantages of exchange table laser cutting machine

Advantages of exchange table laser cutting machine

As the market becomes more competitive, customers have higher and higher requirements for metal cutting. As an indispensable equipment for metal cutting, laser cutting machine is widely used to cut a variety of metal plates and pipes. It is mainly suitable for stainless steel, carbon steel, manganese steel, copper plate, aluminum plate, galvanized plate, various alloy plates, rare Fast cutting of metal and other materials.

A “good” laser cutting machine must not only meet the cutting requirements of the factory, but also meet the cutting efficiency of the factory. Time is money. How to improve the cutting efficiency of the factory when the labor price is high and scarce in modern society, this is The mission of “Dual Platform Exchange Laser Cutting Machine”.

Exchange table laser cutting machine, dual platform exchange, save loading and unloading time, adopt gantry double drive structure, high-precision rack guide rail transmission, CNC laser cutting system, optical fiber automatic zoom cutting head, reinforced welding bed, the whole machine is stable and reliable, The operation is flexible and simple, realizing high-speed punching and cutting function, professionally cutting various sheet metal, precision accessories, hardware tools, craft gifts and other metal materials.

Advantages of exchange table laser cutting machine:

First, efficient and time-saving, dual-table interchange, effectively saving loading and unloading time.

Second, the cutting quality is good.

Third, stable performance.

Fourth, energy saving and environmental protection, equipped with professional dust removal equipment.

Fifth, it adopts a closed sheet metal cover and is equipped with safety devices, which has the unity of safety and visibility, which greatly improves the safety performance of the equipment.

Sixth, the dual platform exchange time can be completed in about 10 seconds, which greatly reduces the exchange time and improves production efficiency!

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