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Applicaton and advantage of handheld mode welder machine

Applicaton and advantage of welder machine, such as process of the kitchen cabinets, staircase elevators, shelves, ovens, stainless steel door and window guardrails, power distribution boxes, stainless steel home furnishing and other industries.

Product Introduction

For production workshops engaged in small-scale processing or non-large-scale welding, hand-held welding machine is the best choice. So application and advatage of welder machine, such as occupying small space and diversifying welding products. And the handheld laser welding machine uses a handheld welding gun to replace the previously fixed optical path, subverting the previous working mode of the laser welding machine. And this mode of operation is not only convenient for welding moulds, advertising words, kitchenware and other products, but also for outdoor laser welding.

Advantage of  handheld welder machine

1. The hand-held welding head is flexible and convenient, which can realize outdoor welding.

2. The operating mode of the hand-held welding machine enables the workpiece to be welded at any angle at any location.

3. It is suitable for spot welding of various complicated welding joints and various equipment.

Application range of handheld laser welding machine

Widely used in kitchens, household appliances, advertising, moulds, stainless steel doors and windows, crafts, household items, furniture, auto parts and many other industries.

XT laser hand-held fiber laser welding machine adopts the latest generation of fiber laser and is equipped with an intelligent laser welding head. It has many advantages. Such as simple operation, beautiful welding line, fast welding speed and no consumables. So it can perfectly replace traditional argon arc welding and electric welding.

Advantage of welder machine

1. Improve process defects: Hand-held laser welding can improve welding defects such as undercut, under-welding, dense pores and cracks in the traditional welding process.

2. Good welding effect: fast welding speed, smooth and beautiful weld after welding. When welding, the heat affected area is small, which will not cause work deformation, blackening, and trace problems on the back. Moreover, the welding depth is large, the welding is firm, and the melting is sufficient.

3. Cost-saving: good welding effect reduces subsequent grinding process, saving time and cost (2-10 times faster than traditional welding, a machine can save at least 2 welders a year and fewer consumables). Fewer consumables, long life and low equipment maintenance costs.

4. Simple operation: welding by hand, quick start, flexible and convenient, and longer welding distance.

5. High flexibility: suitable for all kinds of complex welds, easy to weld any part of the workpiece at any angle. Further, broaden the scope of application of laser welding.


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