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Advantage and features of handheld fiber laser welding machine

Advantage and features of handheld fiber laser welding machine

Traditional welding technology consumes many manpower but low efficiency. With the development of fiber laser technology, high-efficiency fiber laser welding technology will replace traditional welding technology finally.

Let’s see the advantages of handheld fiber laser welding machine:

  • The weld seam is smooth and beautiful, the welded steel parts have no deformation, no welding scars, and the welding is strong, which reduces the process of grinding and polishing afterwards, saving time and labor and cost.
  • No scars, simple practical operation, practical operation for beginners.
  • Faster welding speed, less welding consumables, long service life and environmental protection!
  • Suitable for fillet welding, vertical welding, tailor welding, stack welding, etc.

Handheld fiber laser welding machine has special features as below:

  • The welding speed is faster, it is 2-10 times faster than traditional welding. One equipment can save at least two electric welders per year.
  • Laser welding has fewer consumables, long life, more safety and more environmental protection.

Hand-held fiber laser welding machine has a kind of coupling high-energy laser beam into the optical fiber line. After long-distance transmission, it transfers into parallel plane light via self-collimating lens, and then the focus is on the steel to perform welding. While for the hard-to-reach locations, soft transfer non-touch welding is implemented, and it has greater coordination ability. The laser beam of the hand-held fiber line laser welding machine can complete the spectrometer on time and kinetic energy, and can carry out additional production and processing of multiple rays, showing the standard for higher precision welding.

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