About XTC-1530W ~ Shelly

About XTC-1530W

For modern people, who want to be efficient no matter what they do. Therefore, manufacturers improve their machines in order to improve efficiency. For the cutting industry, we also apply laser cutting to improve efficiency and reduce damage, like about XTC-1530W 

Next i will introduce the XTC-1530W model.  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oFtd-1Ugks4

First advantage of XTC-1530W:

1. The roller loading system

It is convenient to add the sheet and reduce surface damage. When you want to add the sheet, it can up and done though the gas pressure.

2. Six clampings

When  you cut the thin sheet, they can clamp the thin sheet to make sure it on changing. They are pneumatically clamped and clamp the plate by the pressure of the gas.

3.The board of organ cover

The mainly function of this board is to protect the organ cover, because when you cut the sheet, it will have some sparks to damage the cover, so at this time the board to play the homework.

Second base component of XTC-1530W:

1. The machine bed

Machine bed is very important part for the machine, like the foundation of a house. We use 12mm plate welding machine bed, and have  remove the internal stress, therefore it will be more stable and can use many years. It will help you to make sure the cutting precision.

2. Transmission system

About the rack and pinion, we use the YYC, a Taiwan brand. About the guild rail, we use the HIWin, it is also from TaiWan. Between them, there are some blocks, which can make sure the cutting precision.  In order to make the cutting precision, we use some special tools, such as marble platform, laser collimator and level ruler. Servo mator use Janpan Yaskava, and reducer use the Shimpo reducer.

3.Laser source

Raycus is a famous brand of China.

4. Water Chiller

Tongfei’s water chiller, which is professional brand in fiber laser cutting machine.