What is the abnormal laser head cutting effect? Vicky

What is the abnormal laser head cutting effect?

The laser head is the core component of a laser device, and it is also the heart. In order to meet the growing needs of consumers, manufacturers’ equipment has to run at high load. Of course, the precision laser head may also malfunction. To quickly locate the problem and solve it efficiently, we can quickly resume production. Let’s take a look at what is the abnormality.

What is the abnormal effect of laser head cutting effect cause of issues

1. Whether the cutting parameters called correctly.

2. Whether the cutting focus adjusted correctly.

3. Cutting gas source problem.

4, cutting head lens problems.

1. Check cutting parameters and cutting focus position.

2. Check whether the gas is sufficient and the purity of the gas.

Observe the barometer on the gas cylinder according to the selected cutting gas (O2, N2). If the oxygen needs to be about 10 kg, check whether the output gas voltage value of the cutting system corresponds to the value displayed by the gas proportional valve, generally 10V corresponds to 10 kg; Nitrogen needs to adjusted according to the thickness of the cutting board. The purity can be checked by checking the cylinder label to meet the purity above 99.9%. If nitrogen cutting is used, it can also be detected by cutting the stainless steel end face. The end face is yellow and the purity is low, and the high purity gas needs to be replaced immediately.

3. Take out the protective lens and check if there is any pollution. If there is any pollution, you need to clean the lens.

4. Check whether the inner lens of the cutting head and the end face of the optical fiber are normal according to the method in the third troubleshooting plan. If the position is incorrect, adjust to the correct position.