We have previously shared the first part of everything you can do by having an optical fiber laser cutter as an ally in your production processes. Today, we invite you to know more things you can achieve with this high-end technological tool, to help you choose the best fiber optic laser machine for your process. Enjoy the content!

5.- Space saving

Many companies that already consolidate, have robust machinery that limits their space in the production area. When choosing an optical fiber laser cutter, the space saving is remarkable. Since only 4 elements external to the machine body require: chiller, resonator, transformer and voltage regulator.

The fiber optic laser cutter designe in such a way that it can adapt to current process flows, providing versatility. And comfort when implementing this new equipment to the manufacturing process.

6.- Wide range of metal cutting

Although the fiber optic laser cutter does not cut plastics or acrylics, much less wood. It is a leader in the cutting of a variety of metals, always with a speed, finish and precision without comparison.

7.- Easy handling

To manipulate the laser cutter by optical fiber, a practical and simple interface for its operation designe. Normally, the first shock that companies suffer when implementing a new technology is the definition of the equipment operator. Thanks to the methodology with which the fiber optic laser cutter develope. It provides new operators with ease of handling. In addition, its powerful software allows you to align all the variables required for cutting and schedule production.

Conociendo a profundidad todo lo que puede realizar y con los mantenimientos correctos de una cortadora láser por fibra óptica, te aseguramos un éxito total de tus próximas operaciones industriales.

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