60w fiber laser metal marking machine using tips – Jennifer

Operation tips about the 60w fiber laser metal marking machine. Many potential buyer will worry about how to use this machine after made decision. Today this blog is to share the operation tips about this 60w fiber laser metal marking machine.

Operation tips about this 60w fiber laser metal marking machine

Firstly, we know it is important to every clients, who use marker firstly. So before delivering out, the software will be installed on the laptop.

And the machine will be tested 16 hours at least. If these is no problems about the machine running. Then the parameters will be saved in the F disk. And send the COPY version to the USB disk.

Secondly, except the parameters and software. The USB disks will save the Software User Manual, Machine User Manual.  And software operating videos. Which can make sure clients operate the machine easily, once received the machine.

Thirdly, all our software support English language. And what’s more, you can also learn the Ezcad firstly. By the download the demo version as below:

You can also download and install this into your laptop, and learn the software firstly.