3d laser marking machine-Feeltek 3d galvo head-Ella

3d laser marking machine-Feeltek 3d galvo head

3d laser marking machine:Firstly,metal material, high-end manufacturing applications;

Generally,Equipped with a self-contained software suite for easy handling of 3D surface applications;

Then,3D curved surface working range is variable: 100×100×20 mm to 600×600×80mm

Note: 3DS software is optional

Secondly,Hardware advantage of 3d laser marking machine

Generally,Optical design for different lasers, light loss, performance increased by 20%;

Then,dynamic axis standard with THK high-speed rail, fast response;

Finally,Pro series standard CTI high-speed digital galvanometer stability is higher.


Thirdly,Software advantage

Generally,The software port is open and can be customized according to equipment or production line requirements;

Then,Optional 3D marking software for easy surface marking and 3D relief.


Forthly,Technical Support

Generally,The independent software and hardware design can provide fast and comprehensive technical support;

Then,the technology platform is open, and equipment integration can be completed efficiently;

Finally,the same configuration or price, the equipment efficiency is the highest.


Fifthly,customer service

First-time procurement can provide on-site technical training;

The factory training of technical engineers can be carried out for customers.


All in all,3d laser galvo head parameter:

Item Unit Parameter
Power  Supply Input Voltage VAC 170-264
Output Voltage VDC ±24
Current A 8.8
Control Card Input interface XY2-100 Protocol
Output interface USB
Laser type Fiber lasers
Environmental Requirement Ambient temperature 0℃—+50℃
Storage temperature -10℃—+60℃
Humidity  ≤75% non condensing

Specifications For

Scan angle ° ±11.25
Repeatability urad 8
Max. Gain drift ppm/K 100
Max. Offset drift urad/K 30
Long-term drift over 8h mrad 0.5
Maximal processing speed
Step response ms ≤0.6
Specifications For
Laser YAG/Fiber
Wavelength nm 1064
Coating AR Coating
Aperture size mm 20
Specifications For Structure Weight Kg 12
Dimension [LxWxH] mm 800x150x156
Field Size & Spot Diameter Field size mm 100x100x20 200x200x40 300x300x60 400x400x60 500x500x60 600x600x80
The Smallest Spot  diameter 1/e² mm 0.014 0.022 0.031 0.04 0.049 0.058