3D laser cutting technology2 —Winnie

3. Respond quickly to the market

The cost of developing molds is high. In addition, today’s consumption emphasizes individualization, and the product renewal cycle is gradually shorten. The original mold production is difficult to adapt to faster and faster product replacement due to its own limitations. In the rapid response to market demand, the use of 3D laser cutting. Moldless rapid processing technology will undoubtedly gain a huge competitive advantage.

4, intelligent automated production

The perfect combination of advanced 3D robot fiber laser cutting and automatic control. Network control technology and computer production auxiliary management system technology, so represents the most advanced laser cutting level. At present, so the three-dimensional laser cutting is developing in the direction of unmanned and automated laser cutting unit. The HyRobot C20 3D robotic fiber laser cutting machine of the Hanzuo Songgu Laser has a self-developed professional laser cutting machine control system, so computer operation, and a large process database embedded in it. It is easy to use and smarter, which effectively reduces the difficulty of use. The machining path is controlled by the program. If the machining object changes, you only need to modify the program. At the same time, the interface-friendly intelligent handheld operation terminal is configured, which fully conforms to the ergonomic design and reduces the operation difficulty in all directions.

Equipped with remote intelligent monitoring system, HyRobot C20 3D robotic fiber laser cutting machine is more intelligent and more powerful. It can monitor the running status of equipment through mobile and PC end in real time; support optical path adaptive system;  automatic lens detection; remote assistance to handle equipment failure functions; minimize equipment failure rate, reduce equipment maintenance and repair costs, and improve equipment continuity. Through professional digital control system, so users can organize a large number of 3D laser cutting units (FMC) to form an automated production line, which truly realizes intelligent automation and unmanned production and management of processing operations.

5, safety and environmental protection

Fiber laser cutting has high electro-optical conversion efficiency, low processing waste, low noise, clean, safe and pollution-free, which greatly improves the working environment and is more energy-saving and environmentally friendly. And the all-enclosed protection device designed by the Hyundai Songro HyRobot C20 3D robot fiber laser cutting machine adopts safety interlock design to effectively isolate the processing area and avoid laser radiation damage. It fully meets the most stringent European laser equipment safety design standards and maximizes The ground protects the personal safety of the equipment operator. Combined with the automatic dust collection system, it is more environmentally friendly and truly achieves both safety and environmental protection.