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3D fiber laser marking machine have become very popular in last few years. Also its price is lower and lower, more and more people have enough power to buy it. Recent years, with the development of laser technology, 3D laser engraving machine will become more and more common in the market.

3D laser engraving machine kind

Now there is 2 main kinds 3D laser engraving machine in the market. One is 3D large format laser marking machine, another one is 3D curved laser marking machine.

Large format laser marking

3D large format main used on CO2 laser marking machine, few people use it on fiber laser marking machine. Co2 large format laser marking also have very wide application. such as clothing, leather, wood product, LGP board, paper etc. 

On jean processing fields, most company do it with water processing. This way have heavy pollution for environment, special on water. Now more and more people replace it with co2 laser format laser marking machine. Laser machine have no any pollution and no any consumable except electric power. At the same time, its working speed is very fast.

Curved laser marking machine

Curved laser marking main use fiber laser source. Previous we can use 2D laser engraving machine mark cylinder with the rotary device. But when we need mark ball surface, 2D laser with rotary device can’t finish it. 3D laser engraving machine is good solution for all curved surface, such as ball, cylinder, ladder etc.

Emboss 3D laser marking machine

Now many people do metal mold with laser engraver. Although we can use 2D laser machine finish deep engraving, the problem is all depth is same, still it is same level marking. When we do deep engraving with layering and thirddimension, 3d laser will be good solution.

In last several years, 3D laser engraving machine is very expensive, so its market is not very well. Now its price is declining as more and more company can do it. If you want to learn more about it, you can contact us.

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