3D Fiber Laser Engraving Machine – Curved Surface and Dynamic Focusing

3D Fiber Laser Engraving Machine – Curved Surface and Dynamic Focusing

Firstly, how does 3D laser marking machine work?

Here is a video to show you laser marking working on curved surface.

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Secondly, perfect Laser 3D curve surface with dynamic focusing fiber laser

In 3D Dynamic Focusing,

In 3D Dynamic Focusing, the laser machine to dynamically detect the shape and distance of the part, then focus the beam automatically. It does not rely on manual positioning, mechanical movement or operator programming. But, without operator input and mechanical moving parts, the 3D Dynamic Focusing System increases reliability, stability, accurate positioning and ultra-fast processing speeds.

Thirdly, indeed, what is special about 3D laser marking machine?


1. Marks on curved tilted, multi-level surfaces

2. The most speedy industrial laser marker on the market

3. Withstands the most demanding environments

4. Provides high definition and permanent identifications

5. High precision, all axis moving synchronously

6. Laser is Pulsed fiber with excellent beam quality

7. Able to make markings on metal at high temperatures

Threfore, 3D dynamic fousing system changes laser focal lengths and its laser beam positon is much better for perfect marking effects.The machine can applied in both flat marking and curve surface marking. It is one of the best technology in the industry. But we can use the 3D marking machine on sculptured surface. However, 3D laser marking machine is applicable for all types of metals and nonmetal materials. But laser marking on 3D surface. 3D laser marking machine is widely used in mobile manufacturing, cubic circuits, medical equipments, moulds, 3C electronics, auto parts, electronic communication, etc. We can apply world’s best German IPG fiber laser in 3D laser marking machine.

Fourthly, application areas of  3D Laser Marking Machine.

Meanwhile, we use 3D Laser Engraving In medical industry, aerospace, tooling, automotive, military defense, electronics, home goods, oil and gas and industrial.