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30w 50w Fiber laser marking engraving machine for Valentine’s Day jewelry ,gold,silver,ring :Claudia Me

Jewelry ring customized for Valentine’s Day gift 2020 with laser marking engraving machine.

Fiber laser marking engraving machine.

2019 is coming to an end,most of people pay attention to celebrate upcoming Christmas and new year’s day.

However, sweet couples are looking forward to Valentine’s Day.

We have laser engraving machine can permanently mark someone’s name ,logo,number etc on jewelry ring as customized gift for Valentine’s Day.

If you have a laser engraving machine,you will save lots of time and manual cost.

Becasue laser machine is easy to operate by one person.you only need a few seconds to mark and engrave one product like below video showing:

30 watts laser machine can engave 0.5mm depth and 50watts can engrave 1.2mm depth on gold and silver.It is permanent,won’t fade.

Laser technical develop faster and faster in China recent years.

All kinds of machines appear in the market, and the price is much lower.

And lifetime of machine is nearest one hundred thousand hours.

So it is high cost effective mahcine be worth to have.

Except jewelry, fiber laser marking machine can mark on almost metal like stainless steel,Al,copper,alloy etc,a part of hardplastic like ABS,PP.

It’s two months away from valentine’s day in 2020.

Please speed up your purchase, with a lot of discounts and free gifts.

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