The implementation of a fiber optic laser can certainly give you endless benefits that will help you reach the production. And quality you always want to provide to your customers.

  • Stability, Accuracy and Power

This type of equipment allows you to have a life cycle of up to 100 thousand hours, which can be translate between 8 and 10 years, which ensures stable production during this time. It is important to note that stability can ensure with robust equipment, capable of withstanding the industrial conditions to which they will subjected.

By having a robust team you ensure precision, speed and the support for the production you require. In addition, it assures you of high quality work since at the time of making your products. It will not present instability or unwanted movements that can cause lack of precision.

In addition, the fiber optic laser has a very small beam of light and with a high concentration of power, you get great accuracy in different thicknesses and materials.

  • Sustainability and lower maintenance costs

In general, all CNC cutting equipment requires a very high maintenance cost. Due to the fact that the personnel in charge of doing this type of maintenance must be qualify to disassemble parts. And know what parts of the machine are being worn out. On the other hand, fiber optic laser cutting machines need less maintenance since all the work concentrate on the head of the same machine.

To maintain this lower maintenance cost. It is important to do daily preventive maintenance, which you can perform with isopropyl alcohol and silk swabs.

On the other hand, currently the fiber optic laser machine has the capacity to use up to 80% of the total energy it consumes. This, because the generation of the laser beam is in charge of the resonator. So that your machine becomes sustainable by losing less energy that ends up becoming heat.

  • Versatility and Ease of Use

The fiber optic laser cutting machine only needs the design of the patterns you make in the program, avoiding manual intervention or machine-level programming. Which makes it an extremely easy to use equipment.

On the versatility side, the fiber optic laser machine is versatile enough to venture into several industries. Including aerospace, automotive, metalworking, among many others.

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