solutions of jewelry laser engraving and cutting machine-Ivy

solutions of jewelry laser engraving and cutting machine

Hi friend,in this article,we would like to share with you solutions of jewelry laser engraving and cutting machine.

Thanks for your attention to XTLASER for jewelry engraving cutting machine on Alibaba,this is ivy responsible for US and Canada market,worked in XTLASER more than 3 years,served more than 300 customers in jewelry industry.

Most of then chose 50w fiber laser marking machine,here is hot selling model:

Cutting samples:

And as for customer common questions,please kindly check one by one as follow:

First. I am looking for the portable fiber laser unit.
That it is,portable model gain more popular in US and EU countries,suitable for DHL/Fedex Door to Door shipping.

Second. The 50 watt or do you have a little higher wattage for the small units.
That portable model can match with laser power update to 100w,also we still have 60w.

Also. I need to cut at least .90 to 1mm silver/gold etc.
Yes,it can do all metal marking and deep engraving,and soft metal cutting,such as silver,gold,brass within 1mm will be better. Working area most of them chose 100*100mm,is it suitable for you?

Then. If this machine works well then we will be buying a much larger machine, probably several machines.
Cool,and also 40% of our orders are old customers back for new machine or introduce new customers to us 🙂

Besides. I see the cost is around $3500.
We have different power and different configuration of the machine,cheapest model 50w at $2800 only,but please note that DHL door to door shipping need $850 now also tariffs in US about 27.5%,so when you got machine in hand,cheapest model need $4700. Is it clear?

And. Can you maker it for USA power(or I get a power converter).
Machine come with 110V Voltage directly and US Plug,so you can use it directly.

Finally. I would like to do the purchase through Alibaba for the insurance, I have had very good luck with Alibaba.
Perfect,in this way,will protect the buyer’s rights,that is no problem.

Any interests,please contact us at whatsapp 0086 17864184107 or email to