Working principle of water chiller–Sven

Water chiller is a kind of water cooling equipment. Water chiller is a kind of cooling water equipment that can provide constant temperature, constant current and constant pressure.This article is to introduce the working principle of  water chiller

The working principle of the laser chiller is to inject a certain amount of water into the water tank inside the machine, cool the water through the chiller refrigeration system, and then send the low-temperature cooling water to the equipment to be cooled by the water pump. It rises and then returns to the water tank to achieve the cooling effect. People could adjust the machine according to their requirements,and also automatically by itself.

Laser marking machine,engraving machine,,welding machine, printer, cutting machine, etc use the light chiller widely now. It can accurately control the temperature required by laser equipment, thereby ensuring normal work.

Working principle of water chiller

The chiller uses in the laser cutting machine continuously circulates between the laser tube and the evaporator of the compressor refrigeration system through the operation of the cooling water through the circulating water pump. The refrigeration system bing the heat generated when the laser tube works to the air. The corresponding control button on the chiller can set its work , the cooling circulating water is in a controllable temperature. It also has a circulating water flow detection function, an over-temperature alarm function, and an automatic temperature control function.

Xintian laser cutting machine  equipps with HANLI and TONGFEI water chillers, both are the famous water chiller brands in China.

And the water chiller with the same power as the cutting machine.XTC-1530H cutting machine has good stability, high precision, can adapt to the cutting work of various environments

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