some common questions of XTLASER fiber laser machine issues-Ivy

This emails is for some common questions of XTLASER fiber laser machine issues:

Question 1:can i use cutting machine do engraving works on metal?

However,it is not suitable for marking and engraving on metal,here some reasons:

Auxiliary gas:
*when cutting machine working,need Auxiliary gas​​​​​​​,such as O2 and N2,the cost is very high;while marking machine no need anything.

Machine total power:
*the cutting machine total power start from 12kw-38kw ,while the marking machine total power only 800w,if using cutting machine do marking works,will waste lots of money.

Machine cost:
*the cutting machine cost from $22000,while marking machine cost from $2900;

Machine operation:
*the cutting machine need our engineer go to your factory for installation and training,while marking machine is very easy to operate,online training will be fine;

*the cutting machine has some wearing parts on cutting head,such as nozzle,protective lens;while marking machine have no any consumable​​​​​​​s,just clean the lens sometimes;

Cooling methods:
*the cutting machine is water-cooling;while marking machine is air-cooling,so you do not need to change and add water.

Questions 2: what is difference with CNC and your laser machine when do jewelry cutting?
First,CNC is not easy to operate like Fiber,Fiber just import file and then set marking speed,power,marking times will be done.
Second,CNC is not good for saving jewelry material,such as gold and silver plate.
Also,Fiber laser has long-time life,100000 hours,6-7 years working,that is no problem.
In a word,98% customers do jewelry would like to chose this fiber laser machine not CNC.
Questions 3:How can i become your distributors?
As for distributors, we have two methods :
1.we provides best end users price to you,and you resell that in US,such as you got at 3000USD, and then you can resell that at 7000 USD, the price difference is your profits !
2. You can do promotion of our products, if get inquiry, can sharing with us customers information, and help with us get the order, and we can share with you commissions,but if in this way,the profits will be 10% more or less..
what can we do for distributors ?

1. support with OEM design ( can put your logo together )
2. Free training
3. VIP after sales service
4. Best price
5. exhibition support

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