Hand held fiber laser welding machine-Ivy

Hello,let us talk the popular Hand held fiber laser welding machine.

Machine pics:

Product features:

For Hand held optical fiber laser welding machine. That is Optical fiber transmission . Energy is stronger. And the output more stable. Also,hand held welding method can solve the problem of automatic laser welding. Also the operation is simple and the welding effect is good.

Product application 

Besides,the application in 99% metal parts welding,here is welding ability.


It is suitable for various kinds of complex seam welding device. And weld within 5mm sheet.  Long time machine life. Easy to operate and learn.

And The welding is flexible and convenient. Also the fiber laser cable can be 8m or 10m. That is optional.

By the way about Our service:

The important is 24-hour full after sales service.

In addition,All finished machine we delivered are 100% strictly tested by our QC  department and engineering department.

Also,OEM Service Customized and OEM orders are welcome due to our abundant experiences. All the OEM services are free.




First,Fixed optical path, flexible and convenient, long-distance laser welding.

Second,Meeting a variety of angles, welding in multiple positions.

Third,The welding position is more accurate, ensuring a more beautiful weld.

Then,Fast welding speed, easy operation, reduced time and cost.

Also,Laser welding depth is large, welding is strong, suitable for all kinds of complicated welding.


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