Handheld fiber laser welding machine-Ivy

Something you should know about the Handheld fiber laser welding machine.

Recently day,more and more customer asking for Handheld fiber laser welding machine for metal welding,thickness from 1-5mm. Pls kindly check the welding ability as follow:

Machine photos:

Welding videos:

About the filling wire:

If welding gap is not big,no need to use filler wire. If big or want to more stronger,it is better to add filler wire. And if welding stainless steel,the filler wire must be stainless steel. The filler wire function is make up the small welding spot,make the welding parts more stronger.

But one mote thing need to pay attention,your filling wire’s diameter must bigger than the welding gaps. Take an example,such as welding gap is 1.2mm,the filling cable must more than 1.2mm,1.5mm will be better.

The welding nozzle diameter mainly have 1.5mm/1.8mm/2.0mm,if the welding gap within 2.0mm,that is no need add filler wire. But if the welding gap is biggher than 2.0mm. Or you want the welding performance  more stronger (even the welding gap within 2.0mm),you can chose together with the filler wire system.

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