Currently, the production processes require efficient and versatile technologies. Which allow to obtain a productive increase, or to start the process of industrial transformation. Does your company have technologies that have these characteristics? Let’s find out!

CNC pipe metal laser cutting machine
CNC pipe metal laser cutting machine

Traditional processes VS a fiber optic laser cutter

Current industries must have the capacity to face new and ambitious projects, covering topics from high productive efficiency, to others such as the quality of the final product. Traditional processes for the transformation and cutting of metals are not bad procedures in all areas. However, they lack certain variables, for example:

They lack an automatic control that allows easy handling.
They demand operators with a high degree of experience and knowledge in their operation. Which implies monotonous and dependence processes for the supervision of product manufacturing.
Traditional processes are made up of robust elements. Which leads to high electricity consumption, evidently reflecte in the monthly bill. The implementation of new technologies such as laser cutting by fiber optic for metal, distinguish by being a highly efficient equipment that does not require high electrical costs. Due to its method of manufacturing the laser beam.
Conventional equipment does not have automation of cutting variables. And therefore require a rework to remove impurities and achieve the desired finish.

On the other hand, the fiber optic laser cutter has certain characteristics that position it as the best automated alternative for metal cutting, for example:

A fiber optic laser cutter has very low operating costs compared to other equipment. For example, it requires assistance gases such as nitrogen, oxygen or compressed air.
Fiber optic technology has managed to reduce a high degree of contaminants that other technologies use for their development and operation.
It offers the opportunity to greatly improve the quality of products. Because it allows controlling the variables and parameters that lead to a high quality product.
Investing in a fiber optic laser cutter like the one we have in XT LASER will allow you a productive increase in your process, cost savings, an environmentally friendly equipment, as well as a high quality product.