Learn more about UV fiber laser marking machines-June

Learn more about UV laser marking machines

Learn more about UV fiber laser marking machines.
The fiber laser marking machine mainly cuts metal and hard plastic, and has high thermal effect on heat-sensitive products such as film, ultraviolet silica gel and glass. However, the marking effect is poor. However, This has led to the development of UV laser marking devices.

The UV laser marking machine belongs to the cold source laser of the laser marking machine. Mainly used for ultra-fine marking, suitable for marking and lettering of food, pharmaceutical packaging materials, glass, plastic silicone, etc.

Firstly, the characteristics of the UV laser marking machine

1. Compared with the traditional inkjet printing process, the laser marking machine has the advantages of no repetition;
2. It is no consumables , the laser will notify the photoelectric conversion effect.
3. The diameter of the laser beam is very thin, the processing material consumption is very small, the minimum character height can be 0.3 mm, the minimum character width is 0. 03 mm;
4.UV laser marking machine is a cold source laser, low laser power, high cost. It can only be use for light printing of non-metallic materials. It is commonly used to engrave heat sensitive materials and can also be use to cut paper over 3W.
5.UV laser marking machine is suitable for a wider range of processing materials, high efficiency, low power consumption.

Learn more about UV fiber laser marking machines.

Secondly, the application of UV laser marking machine

1.UV laser marking machine mainly uses engraving non-metal, plastic, glass, film, silica gel, fruit and other heat-sensitive materials. In addition, inks, coatings, and spray materials can be peeled off and processed. The peeling effect is cleaner than the fiber, the edges are neat, the burrs are less, and there is no charring.
2. Widely used in mobile phone accessories industry, food packaging, pharmaceutical packaging, cosmetics, fruit and other industries;
3. Usually using a computer control system, but it can use with the automatic control system to achieve pipeline operation.
4. The operating software is powerful, support automatic coding, print serial number, batch number, date, barcode, QR code, automatic skip number and so on.
5. Finally, UV laser marking machine is simple to operate, low power consumption, especially suitable for ultra-fine marking.


Finally, the type of UV laser marking machine

1, UV laser source is an emerging laser processing technology,learn more about UV fiber laser marking machines.. Adidas Technology is one of the only manufacturers in China that has an “ultraviolet laser marking machine”;
2. On the outside, UV laser marking machine 1. 2W, Adidas Technology uses air cooling technology, integrated design, small portable chassis, to maintain efficient heat dissipation and aesthetics. However, more than 3W UV laser marking machines has a water-cooled cooling system. Resulting in cabinet equipment and water-cooled external systems.