Some ways to judge the quality of fiber laser cutting-June

Some ways to judge the quality of fiber laser cutting

Some ways to judge the quality of fiber laser cutting

Laser cutting equipment is widely used in the metal processing industry. In order to better understand the equipment, we have interpreted the laser cutting machine from two aspects, I believe it will gain a lot.

Some ways to judge the quality of fiber laser cutting:

First of all, laser lens

Fiber laser cutting machine is an optical device, so the lens is used very much. If you want a good cutting effect, the quality of the lens must not be bad. The lenses are domestic and imported, the price gap is large, and the effect is not the same. It is better to choose the imported ones.

Second, the servo motor

It belongs to the main part of the machine tool. It determines the processing speed of the cutting machine. Some manufacturers will choose to import, some are joint ventures, some are also brand-name, so be sure to figure out its brand and quality before buying.

Again, the laser

The laser tube is the heart of the laser. The price of the imported laser is generally very expensive, the quality is relatively fine, and the cutting effect is very good. However, the quality of domestically produced lasers varies widely and the prices vary widely. Therefore, under the premise of budget, imported lasers are the ideal choice.

Finally, mechanical assembly

Although mechanical assembly is not the core determinant, some manufacturers use thin iron sheets to make the casing in order to save costs. The use of cold-rolled steel to make machinery, welded with high-quality steel, has a longer service life and is very stable.


Advantages of sheet metal laser cutting machine cutting

The application of sheet metal laser cutting machine greatly improves the efficiency of sheet metal forming. Generally, sheet metal forming requires a lot of processes, including cutting and blanking, punching and bending forming. Cutting and cutting is the most important process, and it is conceivable that the importance of cutting and cutting.

There are three traditional feeding methods: shearing, laser cutting and punching. Below we combine these three cutting methods to introduce the advantages of sheet metal laser cutting machine.

1. Shearing of the shearing machine The so-called shearing of the shearing machine is to use the shearing machine to cut out the length and width of the expanded shape. If there is punching and chamfering, the punching machine is combined with the punching and chamfering of the die.
2. Laser cutting The laser cutting method is used to cut the structural shape of the flat piece on an iron plate.
3. Punch blanking is the use of a punching machine to form a flat piece structure on which the parts are unfolded in one or more steps.

The advantages of laser cutting are simple operation, high precision, high speed and high efficiency. In addition, laser cutting is not limite to cutting pattern restrictions, automatic typesetting saves materials, smooth cuts, and low processing costs. Sheet metal laser cutting machines will gradually replace traditional cutting and cutting equipment.