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The parameters of laser cutting machine to achieve high quality cutting-June

The parameters of laser cutting machine to achieve high quality cutting

The parameters of laser cutting machine to achieve high quality cutting.
Friends who have used laser cutting machines know. Cutting parameters such as auxiliary air pressure, laser power, cutting speed, and focus position control the effect of laser cutting. Accurate parameters ensure high-quality cutting, so how do these parameters directly affect the laser cutting effect?

First, the effect of auxiliary pressure

In the laser cutting process, the auxiliary air pressure can blow off the slag during cutting and cool the heat affected zone of the cutting. The auxiliary gases include oxygen, compressed air, nitrogen, and inert gases. For some metallic materials and non-metallic materials, inert gas or compressed air is generally use to prevent the material from burning. Such as the cutting of aluminum alloy materials.Therefore, the auxiliary gas pressure should be adjust during cutting to obtain the best cutting quality.

Second, the impact of laser power

The amount of laser power has a considerable impact on cutting speed, slit width, cutting thickness and cutting quality.  For example, materials with good thermal conductivity and high melting point and high reflectivity on the cut surface require large laser power. Generally, under certain other conditions, there is a laser power in the laser cutting process that obtains the best cutting quality. Further reduction or increase in power will result in slag or over-burning, resulting in a decrease in processing quality.

Again, the effect of cutting speed

In laser cutting, the cutting speed has a considerable influence on the quality of the cutting material. The ideal cutting speed will make the cutting surface appear smoother.  As the cutting speed increases, the action time of the laser beam energy on the workpiece becomes shorter. So that the thermal diffusion and heat conduction effects become smaller, and the width of the slit is correspondingly smaller. This phenomenon is incomplete cutting, and the melted material cannot be blown off in time, and the melt will make The slit is re-welded.

Finally, the impact of the focus position

The focus position is the distance from the laser focus to the surface of the work piece. Which directly affects the roughness of the cut surface, the slope and width of the slit, and the adhesion of the molten residue. Normally, the focus position should be on the surface of the work piece or slightly lower. But different material requirements are different. When cutting carbon steel, the cutting quality is better when the focus is on the surface of the sheet; The effect is better when it is around 1/2.