Fiber Laser Cutting Machine-Sliver-Sophia

Fiber Laser Cutting Machine-Sliver

Silver is widely known for its use in luxury goods.

Various alloys of silver are used in other industries:

  • Jewelry, Accessories, and Home goods
  • Electronics and Electrical Interconnects
  • Alternative Energy and Energy Storage

And it is malleable and has a highly appealing aesthetic finish making it suitable for jewellery manufacture, but its uses are gradually being explored in other areas.

Known as the white metal due to its high reflectivity and resistivity against corrosion and oxidation.

Silver is now widely used in other industrial applications such as electronics and the energy sector as is an excellent thermal and electrical conductor.

Then, silver is highly reflective, making it a challenging material to cut with lasers.  The type of assist gas can greatly affect whether back reflections are a significant issue or not.

For silver cutting, nitrogen or oxygen assist gas can be used. Nitrogen results in a slower, cleaner cut but can allow the system to generate significant back-reflections. Whilst oxygen produces a faster cut with less risk of back-reflection.

Sliver is high reflective materials, nLIGHT laser source has Back-reflection isolation patent.

If u often cut sliver and use raycus and IPG, working for long time will damage the laser source and not improve your efficiency.

So we recommend nLIGHT laer source for customers.


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