Laser marking has broad application prospects in mobile phone industry-Luis


Laser marking machine has applied in any industries for brand marking, and it’s no exception to mobile phone industry. Let’s take iphone for example. Since its establishment, from iphone 5 to iphone Xs, laser marking is essential for its part. Such as IC, metal conduction inside, there’s unique QR code in order to prevent from forgrey. The black characters of producer and IMEI area looks similar to ink work, which is actually neither ink nor silkscreen, dispose by laser. The shell of iphone is aluminium oxide, which is commonly know as blackening.
There are always dispose parts by laser marking. For instance, Logo marking, phone shell, battery, decoration marking, etc. Even somewhere inside that we can’t see, there are also parts marked by laser.

The traditional way of print is to use silkscreen. Silkscreen is smelly, rough and hard to follow colors. The effect is undesirable, and the components belong to Pb chemistry elements. At present, producers assigne to use low carbon environmental craft. Mobile phones use eternal marking way— marking, will improve anti-fake ability as well as increase additional value. The product will look high-class and unique in brand.

With the development of times and demand of market application, former silkscreen is gradually replace by  marking. As a modern accurate processing means,  marking has unbeatable advantages compare with print, mechanical carving, electrospark processing.  marking machine is maintain-free, flexible and reliable, which is especially apply in areas that requires high-accuracy、depth and smoothness. Not only iphone, but other popular phones has strict requirements to reach the best effect.

Mobile phone, on behalf of personal electronics, is changing daily life greatly. The trend is to become functionalized, intelligent and portable, beautiful. People pursuit personalized phones and pushes accurate laser marking technology to play a more important role in phone manufacturing. At the meantime, laser is improving other micro-electronic manufacturing industries.