Laser marking machines marking on the automotive parts-June

Laser marking machines marking on the automotive parts

There are many brands in the automotive industry.

How can we prevent others from stealing their own brands?

A good way is to add anti-counterfeiting marks.

Moreover, this anti-counterfeiting mark is permanent and is not intentionally changed at will.
The processing principle of the auto parts marking machine is that the light can be turned into heat in a moment.

So that the characters, graphics, labels, two-dimensional codes and the like engraved on the surface of the parts.

This has the effect of a long-lasting anti-counterfeiting logo.
What are the advantages of laser marking machine application in auto parts?

Why marking automotive parts by fiber laser marking machine?

1. High precision: The precision of laser marking processing can achieve ultra-fine graphic mark effect without deviation.
2. The use of wide: know that there are many styles and types of auto parts. And there is a big difference in the material between them, and the laser is also diverse.
3. High efficiency: For auto parts, there are certain requirements for production.

After all, the composition of a car is not a combination of a single accessory.

However, a combination of a variety of different parts.

Therefore, the use of auto parts marking machine can cooperate with the production line, and finally achieve the effect of improving production efficiency.
4. The effect is good: can meet the high standard marking requirements of spare parts.

Such as different depth of graphic mark, different color marking requirements (white, black, color, etc.), the effect is much better than ordinary marking carving.
5. long life: Sometimes in the production of auto parts, in order to meet the needs of businesses, but to carry out 24-hour continuous production.

The laser marking machine can meet the needs of the merchants. It can continuously work 24 hours a day without causing the machine itself to malfunction due to continuous work.
6. Low cost: The auto parts marking machine has the performance of no need for consumables, high electro-optical conversion rate, stable laser output power, etc., which can reduce the user’s use      cost and increase the profit value.