What should importer do to when purchase laser machine from China?–Winnie

What should importer do to when purchase laser machine from China?

Most of people will feel confused when they plan to import machine or laser machine from China because they always get big different prices even on same specifications. So what should I do when I facing so many suppliers?

Now I give you several suggestions, anyway I think it will help you more or less.

1.Each company has their main products. In general, suppliers always have more experiences on their main products. First confirm what kind of machine you are looking for. Then sure if this machine exactly suppliers’ main products. The question is how to confirm a supplier’s main product?

# Check their official website. China suppliers prefer to putting their main products (machines) on their website main page. So if you see the machine you are looking for on their main page. Then you can follow the next steps.

# Check the main products information. If information is complete and professional, okay, you can consider to contact them to check their service.

  1. Many people also will doubt “are you trading company?” or “are you manufacturer?” The difference between trading company and manufacturer is that manufacturer always will give more lower price than trading company and the service of manufacturer is more timely than trading company. So how to tell them?

To be honest, sometimes it’s very hard to tell them. Maybe the effective way is that let them provide you machine photos in factory( not photos processed by Photoshop), you can pay attention to the background of photos.

Another way, let them make a sample for you. If they are a good manufacturer, they always can provide you samples special for you timely. As for trading company, they have to contact manufacturer first, in general, will slower than manufacturer.

Today I will show you more details when you plan to import fiber laser marker from China. First you need confirm fiber laser markers can satisfy your work. Then compare the specification.

1) Laser source is the core spare part of fiber laser marker. Someone asked “why laser source is so important?”

Fiber laser marking machine, small size, no wearing part, free maintenance, high speed, high precision etc., it seems it is a perfect machine. But no, laser source decides the working time of machine. Some suppliers say you can use machine reach up to 10 years, 20 years. In fact, if your laser source broken at the second year, then maybe you need change a new machine.

Another reason, at first, to satisfy your work, you need set machine power at 50%. After 2-3 years, laser source will weaker than before, maybe you need set power at 70%. One day, you find you set 100% power, then still can’t satisfy your work. So it also means you need change laser source. You must meet such condition, “you told supplier your 20W price is higher, then they only replied you choose 10W” and didn’t tell you anything. So they are just want to selling, they didn’t care your work, your future. Whatever you buy, you need know this machine can satisfy your work perfectly before you buying. Well, now 10w already out of stock.

Popular brands in market is Germany IPG, China Raycus, China Max photonics, (you also will see UK SPI, but use very less in laser marker). To be honest, some suppliers maybe provide copy IPG, Raycus to get a lower price to attract customers. You need careful.

IPG>Raycus>Max Photonics

IPG laser source: (better quality, better beam quality)

the appearance of IPG just like the photo shows. Besides, each real version IPG has sole certification(3 pages), you’d better ask supplier provide for you in advance to ensure they deliveried real version IPG before. The important is the speed they provide you those certification. If after 2 days, they still no any information. Okay, give up.

Raycus Laser Source: (stable quality)

This is Raycus brand laser source. But they launched  a new laser source with red color. It is also real Raycus. You needn’t worry. red color Raycus only uses in 2016 new year, now already stopped.

If they also copy, maybe you can tell from the appearance. Just remember not choosing the lowest price you got from many suppliers.

MaxPhotonics laser source: (very common)

Black color, this is Max. Max is not very stable. Considering laser source is the core part of laser marker, so you’d better not choose Max. 20W Max and 20W Raycus, price difference is not much.

2) Galvo head

Popular brands includes Germany Scanlab, Germany Raylase, China Beijing Sunny brand and Beijing Sino brand.

Very important: copy version Scanlab is verrrrry common in China market. If I were customer, I won’t choose Scanlab in China market. In fact, Real version Germany Scanlab is very expensive, cost is USD6200(original imported) and USD4000(imported mirrors, installed in China). Any other cheaper than this, copy version. (price is only for reference, maybe it will change time by time.)

China Sunny brand Galvo head is good. Head is big and with black color. More cost-effective than Scanlab. As my pinion.

Sino galvo head also is fine. Cheaper than Sunny brand. But if you don’t compare the marking result by magnifier. You can’t see the difference. Besides, the speed of Sunny galvo head is faster than sino brand, If you need fly marking machine and have strict requirement for speed, then choose Sunny brand. <I will upload photos when I have free time.>

3) F-theta lens

As I know, wavelength brand F-theta lens is good. It’s from singapore, also has factory in China, nanjing city.

4) Control system.

Now in market, 2 control systems are popular. The first one, Beijing JCZ control system, EZCAD software. Performance better, convenient to control, and it support English, Chinese, Japanese, and Korean languages for now. Supported format includes PLT, DXF, AI, BMP, JPG, DST, DWG etc..

Second, Samlight software. It’s from Germany. So price is higher than EZCAD. In market, less people choose it because add one more function, you need pay for that. For example, basic price only includes basic function. Sometimes, you want “rotary axis” function, you have to pay extra money for that. So if you choose this software, you’d better ask clearly for suppliers.

Besides those 4 parts, they are still several details, just like worktable, rotary axis, computer etc., you also can compare those details to know which one is the better supplier.

The last, ask supplier copy machine parameters in your computer. In general, supplier will test machine and adjust parameters well before delivery. Better supplier will keep one copy in your computer, someone not. So better remind them.

If you still have any confusion, pls feel free to tell me. I’d like to help people get the satisfied machine.