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20w 30w 50w fiber laser marking machine

As you know,20w, 30w and 50w are the most common watt  for laser marking machine.But how to choose the different laser watt?Is there big difference between these watt?Now,share you some details.


Here is difference between 20w, 30w and 50w
30w is more durable than 20w , and 50w is more durable than 30w
if marking same content on same materials, 50w marking speed is faster than 20w 30w
if marking same depth on same material, 50w marking time is shorter than 20w 30w

Technical reason

In Technical side, following is reason:
Single pulse energy
The higher laser power the higher single pulse energy,for example,if we want to mark 0.1mm
deep marker on metal,
we should repeat marking for 30 times if we use 20watt machine,and if we use 30watt machine
to do the same mark, it maybe need no more than 20 times, and if we use 50watt machine to do
the same mark, it maybe need no more than 10 times,
in brief,big power laser machine have greater efficiency.

Detailed application

The 20W machine is mainly used for surface marking of plastic, stainless steel, aluminum and so on.

But if the customer wants to engrave deeply, then a 30W machine will be a better choice. For all materials, aluminum is the easiest to achieve deep engraving. There are many gun manufacturers and metal suppliers in the US, so for this customer, a 30w machine will be a better choice.

If you want to do deep marking on brass,silver,or gold or cut it,you need to choose the 50watt.As you know,these materials are high-reflective materials.If you choose the lower watt,the marking speed is very low.Last but not least,it may cause damage to the laser source if you mark a long time on these materials with lower laser.

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