1kw fiber laser handheld welding machine XT LASER-Jill

1kw fiber laser handheld welding machine XT LASER

Nowadays,fiber laser welding machine is more and more popular.

And also,It will replace the YAG laser welder in the future.

It is the developing trend.

Therefore,here we introduce more about this machine.

Machine picture

1.Welding ability

Firstly,It can Penetration weld 3-4mm steel(stainless steel and carbon steel)

Aluminum is a little difficult to weld,but for some customer’s aluminum,,it is easy to weld.

Depends on actual material details.


2.Laser source

Secondly,Raycus and IPG is the most popular now.

Raycus,China No.1

IPG,world No.1

Both is good quality.


3.Laser head

And then,for laser head,we have 2.

one is the usual one.

Another one is the Swinging welding head.

Surely swinging head is better but a little expensive.

There is motor inside the head
Here we introduce the advantages
①Firstly,for some Welding process,usual welding head can not achieve.but for this head,it can use about 70% power to achieve.Thus can save the cost.
②And also ,inside motor can help achieve the Swinging welding.

For the sheet with Large impurity,this can reduce bubble,Fried point,Splash, etc.
③And then,in the case of irregular gaps,it can reduce the requirements for the fixture.
For usual head,there is no motor inside,so the head can not swing,the welding gap is 0.2mm,if over 0.2mm width,Light goes directly through it.
So the welding effect is not good.the welding craft is restricted.
Swinging head welding gap can achieve 0.5 mm.


4.Laser welding videos for your reference:







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