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Economic Fiber Laser Cutting Machine XTC-F1530E

The most suitable model applied in industry
High -peed,high-precision,high-quality cutting
European style, professional design

Technical Parameters

Engraving Area 1,500mm x 3,000mm/1300*2500
Laser Power 500 – 3KW Fiber
Software Interface Included w/ PC control tower
Material Capability metal
Motor type Servo motors and drivers
Laser / PC Connectivity USB connection
Power Supply 380V three phases
Warranty 2 Years (includes parts & laser power)
Class Class 4 laser

Applied indystry

High quality parts

Sample showing

Suitably applied in processing such metal sheets and tubular products as stainless steel, carbon steel,manganese steel,adamantium,spring steel,brass sheet,aluminium sheet and EdAutomate, etc.

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