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Economic Fiber Laser Cutting Machine XTC-F1530E

Product Description:

• Applications primarily suited for cutting stainless, carbon, aluminum, titanium, and most non-ferrous metals
• Machine XTC-F1530E Fiber Laser power source options from 300W to 3KW
• Machine XTC-F1530E Fiber Laser offers reduced maintenance requirements and operating costs compared to CO2
• Position acccuracy < + / – 0.04mm
• Japanese servo motors & drivers
• Drive system X-axis ball screw drive, Y-axis square rail with rack and pinion gear
• Working voltage: 380V, 50Hz / 60Hz
• 2 year Warranty covers laser machine parts. Ask about our optional warranty extensions

machine xtc-f1530e
Technical Parameters
Engraving Area 1,500mm x 3,000mm/1300*2500
Laser Power 500 – 3KW Fiber
Software Interface Included w/ PC control tower
Material Capability metals and some dark acrylics
Motor type Servo motors on ball screw drive
Laser / PC Connectivity USB connection
Power Supply 380V three phases
Warranty 2 Years (includes parts & laser power)
Class Class 4 laser

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