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Fiber Laser Marking Machine with protective cover

Product Description:

1064nm output wavelength
High precise laser head with vibrating mirror, accurate marking effect and can be repeatedly processed

Highly precise and thin laser spot can make sure of prefect marking effect.

Electrically operated gate
Desktop type machine with protective cover

Fiber Laser Marking Machine .

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  • Glass , surface and internal engraving of crystal ware , such as: mobile phone screen, LED screen, optical element, automotive glass,.etc.
  • Also can be used in surface working of most of metal and nonmetal materials and coating film working , such as: hardware tools,ceramics, glasses, clocks, PC, electronic device, all kinds of instrument, PCB plates,and control board, nameplates, panels, plastics,.etc.
Technical Parameters
Machine type XTL-F7/10
Laser supply Green ray laser supply
Laser wavelength 532nm
Output power 7W,10W
Beam quality M2<2
Marking area 70X70,100X100(mm)
Frequency tuning Q 8KHz-15KHz
Min line width 0.01mm
Min character 0.2mm
Accuracy of repetition ±0.003mm
Electrical power requirement 220V/single/50Hz/10A

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