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Mould laser welding machine

Product Description:

  • Laser head can electrically move back and forth, up and down, left and right and rotate 360 degree.
  • Heat affected zone is small. The work piece surface will not deformed.
  • For letters in the advertising industry, there is specially lengthened optical path and the elescopic scope can be added to 800mm.
  • There is no raised spot after welding. No requirement of polishing process. Saving time and labor. The appearance is beautiful and tight.
  • There is optional CCD monitor. The welding effect is more clear and intuitive.
  • The specially designed long focal distance lens F=200mm to meet the demand for ultra-high font welding.
More Info

Advertising letter laser welding machine is used for making a variety of stainless steel letter, LED luminous characters, LOGO, signs and other fast welding.

Technical Parameters
Advertising Letter Laser Welding Machine
Model XT-W220 XT-W300 XT-W400 XT-W450
Max laser power 220W 300W 400W 450W
Laser wave-length 1064nm
Single power energy 90J 90J 100J 110J
Welding Depth for Carbon Steel / Stainless Steel / Galvanized Steel / Golden-Plate Steel 0.1-2mm 0.1-2mm 0.1-2mm 0.1-2mm
Welding Depth for Brass, Aluminum No 0.1-1mm 0.1-1.2mm 0.1-2mm
Pulse width 0.3-20ms
Welding frequency 0.5-40HZ
Adjustable facular size 0.2-2mm
Power consumed ≤9KW
Laser Cavity UK imported “Morgen” brand
Laser Lamp Single lamp Single lamp Single lamp Double lamp
Electrical source 220V/1 phase / 50Hz/40A 220V/1 phase / 50Hz/40A 220V/1 phase / 50Hz/40A 380V/3 phase/50hz
Standard worktable 800*1000mm
Positioning CCD Screen + Red Dot Pointer
2-linertary 200mm
Mobile level 200mm

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