Laser welding machine, as a new industrial technology, has received more and more favor from all walks of industry. As a leader in the laser industry, XT LASER (Jinan Xintian Technology Co., Ltd.), dedicated in pioneering and innovation, has been the frontman in laser welding. 2014, XT LASER established the R & D base of welding machine in Shenzhen. Through years of continuous development, XT LASER welding machine has provided machinery and technology supportion for thousands of domestic and foreign enterprises.

There are several categories of laser welding machine based on their application, the details will be listed as follows:

1: Jewelry laser welding machine—Desktop type, All in one type and Detached type

2: Mould repairing laser welding machine

3: AD Words laser welding machine

4: Robotic laser welding machine

5: Scanner fiber laser welding machine

6: Universal continuous laser welding machine

8: Handheld laser welding machine

You can see the laser welding machine is able to cover nearly all industrial applications, maybe some samples will be more clearly for you.

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