XT LASER have been specializing on fiber laser cutting & marking technology for past 13 years. We design, manufacture and sale professional fiber laser equipment for global customers.

Now our main product include fiber laser cutting machine, fiber laser marking machine, laser welding machine, co2 laser machine and many customized laser equipment. They are widely used in all kinds of machinery, mechanical equipment, electrical equipment, chassis cabinets, electrical enclosures, sheet metal processing, kitchenware, stainless steel decoration,advertising signs,metal electronic components and other industries

Fiber Laser Machine Workshop

XT LASER factory floor space is more than 40,000 square meters. All ground is painted to keep the working environment clean so that workers install all machine with high quality.

We have workshop special for fiber laser cutting machine, fiber laser marking machine, laser welding machine and co2 laser machine.

XT LASER can manufacture different fiber laser cutting machine type for different industries. Such as metal plate cutting, metal tube cutting and plate&tube cutting. Also we do machine type with automatic exchange working table, protective cabinet, auto feeding system and other customized type. And laser power can be from 300w 500w 700w 1000w 2000w 3000w and so on.

Also XT LASER have ISO9001, CE, FDA, SGS etc certificate. So we can delivery machine to each country.

XT LASER Customers

According to our statistics, XT LASER’s laser machines have been sold to more than 150 countries and regions all over the world. We established a good cooperative relationship with manufacturers and distributors in lots of countries, such as North&South America, European Union, Middle East, Southeast Asia, Russia, India and South Africa etc.