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The advantages of laser cutting

The reasons why laser cutting is better in quality are fast speed, smaller slits and smooth and neat cutting edge. Compared with traditional cutting technology, laser cutting technology does not have serious wear on the tool. And the effect of heat is relatively little and widely applicatin. What’s more, the workpiece’s shape will not restrict its effect, easier to achieve CNC. When tht processing is more complicated, it will still maintain high quality and high precision to complete metal processing with the support of molds. Therefore, many industrial manufacturers have begun to pay attention to the important role of laser cutting technology. And as a fact, while the application of laser cutting technology in the sheet metal processing is gradually more and mroe active.

Most of our clients will need laser machine when they have the following demands:

Cutting or engraving on PVC, Plywood, Paper, MDF or some other non-metal materials, here are some samples:

Cutting metal materials:

cutting samples

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