How to Choose A Suit Cutting Machinery-Tulsa

How to Choose A Suit Cutting Machinery-Tulsa

We have many customer not know machine very well.

We think maybe many customer have this problem too.

In order to help customer to check if machine suit him, we are glad to introduce how to choose a good cutting machinery.

Please follow us to know more.

1. Cutting material and thickness

Actually, fiber laser cutting machinery is have many same part with fiber laser marking machine.

For example, fiber laser cutting machine is suit metal cutting.

And Co2 laser cutting machine is suit to cut non-metal, like acrylic and leather.

But Co2 can cut thin metal too. Disadvantage is effect not well and cost much.

So you can choose machine type according to material you need to cut.

In order to choose suit power, you need to check material you need to cut.

For example, 500w fiber laser cutting machine can cut Max 3mm Stainless steel and 5mm carbon steel.

That’s why we will ask our customer material and thickness they need to cut.

Laser machine is expensive, we want to choose the best suit machine for our customer.






2.Laser sourse

Laser source is the most important part in a laser machinery.

A good laser source will cutting smooth and fast, lifetime is long, too.

In method, laser source lifetime is 10000 hours so it’s a long time.

But low quality laser source will work bad in a short time.

According to market information and customer feedback, we think laser source brand is important.

Our standard is Raycus and IPG, the best and width use in market.

IPG is Germany brand, the best brand. And Raycus is the best brand in China.

Pay attention in choose laser source.


Hope these information can help you!


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What kind of air compressor does the fiber laser cutting machine match with? – Catherine

What kind of air compressor does the fiber laser cutting machine match with?

As we all know, fiber laser cutting machines use auxiliary gases in processing products. The common gases of fiber laser cutting machines are air, oxygen and nitrogen. Among these three gases, the lowest cost of air is the most customers’ choice. What kind of air compressor does the laser cutting machine match with? Air compressor fiber laser cutting machine

Today we will talk about which kind of air compressor is suitable for fiber laser cutting machine.

Fiber laser cutting machine industry commonly use air compressor can divide into air compressor oil and oil free air compressor two. We often say that the oil free air compressor is not a little oil without oi. But the quantity is very little, so the laser cutting machine operation is stable. If the air compressor oil. Don’t say to cause a lot of waste lubricating oil, the laser cutting machine operation is extremely unfavorable. And it is easy to cause the laser cutting machine protective lenses or dirty water substances. So that the laser cutting machine of optical deviation or in the cutting process sometimes must not wear etc..

So which is the laser cutting machine?

XT LASER generally suggest that customers buy screw type oil-free air compressor, power is 7.5KW. The best pressure up to 9 kg (but also to achieve a minimum of 8 kg). The exhaust volume greater than 0.6 per minute. If the customer has bought the best oil air compressor with two oil filter. So as to reduce some water and dirty.

The fiber laser cutting machine needs to meet the cutting requirements of various materials and complex shapes. But it does not operate without a clean, dry, stable compressed air. The compressed air partly made up of high pure oxygen and high purity nitrogen to provide cutting gas to the cutting head. A part supplied to the cylinder of the clamping table as a power source. And the last part is used to blow and dust the optical path system.

From the air discharged from the compressed air through the dryer into the gas tank and gas control cabinet, through a sophisticated processing system, a gas clean and dry, and finally into the three road, were used as cutting gas cylinder, power source and light road dust gas pressure to maintain the normal operation of laser cutting machine.


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fiber laser cutting machine training and installations in customers places-Max

This article shows the training and installations of fiber laser cutting machine  in customers places.

As laser technology develops rapidly,  fiber laser cutting machine has occupied the metal processing market in the global.

Today we would like to share our enginners offering training and installations in customers places

  1. Training and installations of Open type fiber laser cutting machine in Thailand customer place.













Honestly speaking, this is the first laser cutting machine in Thailand. Open type model is easier and suitable for loading and unloading metal materials. And this model is the most popular one in Asian and some partial EU market.

2. Training and installations of plate and tube combined fiber laser cutting machine in India customer factory.






Following is cutting video of 2mm stainless steel in customer place.

Meanwhile This plate and tube combined laser cutting machine can cut both metal sheet and tube.  It can cut not only pipes, but also square tube, rectangle tubes etc.

Because of the advantage that one machine can meet 2 different cutting purposes, it is becoming more and more popular.


3. Training and installations of full enclosed fiber laser cutting machine with exchanged table in Brazil customers










This model is with full enclosure. And enclosed model could provide fully protection for operators. And camera catching function could help people to know the cutting process.

This type fiber laser cutting machine equips two exchanged shuttles. One shuttle is for metal cutting inside the cutting area. Meanwhile another shuttle is for loading new metal and unloading finished metal parts. After cutting move finishes, machine will exchange table automatically. And time is around 10s for one time exchanging.

Through loading and unloading separately and automatic exchanged tables, machine can do continuous cutting of metal without stop. Then the cutting efficiency will be double increased. So this model is widely popular among customers who will do large production each day.

4. Training and installations of full enclosed fiber laser cutting machine with exchanged table in UK customers

Here attached the cutting video of 2mm stainless steel in UK customer factory.

These models with full cover are popular in Europe countries, America etc developed countries. And they have strict laws of operator protection.

And our machine is cater to CE, FDA standard.


laser growth

From the market growth analysing, we can know that the laser market is the fastest growing one in the next five years. And high power fiber laser with kilo watt level will be much more popular. And the lasers have obvious advantages. It is widely used in kind of metal processing industry. Especially it plays an important role in metal processing field in future. That is to say the world of lasers will have a huge demand. Also fiber lasers will maintain a steady growth rate.

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How is our machine delivery to our clients?-XT Laser Wendy

How is our machine delivery to our clients?

 Machine delivery is an important part of the whole production. 

1: We get inquiry from our clients;

2: We send details of the machine to our clients;

3: We make tests for our clients;

4: Our clients are satisfied with our tests;

5: We send PI to our clients and confirm the payment term;

6: We get our clients’ deposit and the machine into assembly;

7: During the assembly, we send videos and pictures to our clients;

8: After the assembly, the machine will come to inspect for 2-7 days;

9: We send inspection pictures and videos to our clients;

10: Our clients are satisfied with the pictures and videos, then they pay the balance;

11: We take package pictures to let our clients check all parts of the machine;

12: The machine leaves for our clients, and we send custom clearance paper to our clients;

13: We update the machine position during the shipment;

14: When the machine arrives, we offer technical support to our clients for installation and operation.

15: Within 7 days, our after-sales department will contact our clients for review.

16: We update laser news and new machines to our clients;

17: Our clients repurchase machines;

18: There is no limit to offer our clients servce;


Advantages Of Fiber Laser Cutting Machine-Anne

Advantages Of  Fiber Laser Cutting Machine

Fiber laser cutting machine can do plane cutting, do bevel cutting,  the edge neat, smooth, suitable for high precision metal plate cutting,

Fiber laser cutting machine compare with co2 laser cutting machine

1 ) Excellent beam quality : the focus spot is smaller , the cutting line is finer ,

And the working efficiency is higher , and the processing quality is better ;

  • high cutting speed:It is 2 times of the same power CO2 laser cutting machine.
  • high stability:The performance is stable and the service life of key components can reach 100,000 hours.
  • extremely high electro – optical conversion efficiency:The optoelectronic conversion efficiency of optical fiber laser cutting machine is about 30%,energy conservation and environment protection
  • Save cost:The power consumption is only similar CO2 laser cutting machine 20-30%;
  • Extremely low maintenance costs:Laser free working gas, fiber transmission without reflection lenses
  • Product operation and maintenance is convenient:Optical fiber transmission, no need to adjust the light path;

Fiber laser cutting machine compare with YAG laser cutting machine

1 ) Cutting speed:The speed of the optical fiber cutter is 4 – 5 times of that of the laser cutting machine , and is suitable for large – scale processing and production .

2)cost:fiber laser cutter save cost

3 ) photoelectric conversion efficiency :The photoelectric conversion efficiency of the fiber laser cutter  is about 10 times YAG


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fiber laser cutting machine

Fiber laser tube cutting machine–Juicy

Fiber laser tube cutting machine

Fiber laser tube cutting machine, Tube fiber laser cutting machine is designed for square, round or elliptical metal tube cutting.

Factory can cut the pipe or cut pattern on it.

XTC-T60016 laser tube cutting is specifically design for manufacturers

and who care about high-quality products and tube cutting.

But Fully protective cover is able to keep the operators out of the damage of laser beam. Easy usage,

So the maintenance and service have been achieved by the high-tech of fiber lasers.

Rack & Pinion, Guide Linear and Auto motor have assured our high acceleration.

All components, from globally recognized brands,So are able to add more value to your company.

Then We have been always striving to serve quality and performance and efficiency to our clients.


Main structure:

The structure is similar with sheet metal fiber laser cutting machine

So it’s different apprerance Because of its usage

Main structure includes laser cutting head, laser generator, water cooling system,

control system, transmission system, driving system, reducer, collect system, Oil Injection system,

Solenoid Valve & Proportional Valve, Bed structure, etc.




The pipe fiber laser cutting system can cut pipe length from 20mm to 200mm diameter.

So the Fiber laser tube cutting machine Metal types can be stainless steel, carbon steel, aluminum, copper, etc.

Then the power will be chosen according to metal thickness.



Wearing parts

There are some wearing pats for this tube fiber laser cutting machine, So below table show the what the wearing parts are the details about them.


The principal characteristics of the XTC-T60016  Fiber laser cutting equipment are:

  • Compact design facilitating a wide variety of applications.
  • CNC with laser control function.
  • Resonator with reflective sensors.
  • Simple program for pieces and cutting plans with automatically adapted feed speed  and power output for each piece, using CNC.
  • Highly dynamic equipment.
  • Rigidity: high strength transfer and  then to stability of construction.
  • Durability: enclosed drivers.
  • Accessibility: spare parts service