Laser engraving a piece of jewelry can go far beyond hallmarking. Jewelry manufacturers and retailers can use laser-engraving technology to personalize a piece or add design details that are impossible or time-consuming to create by hand. Whereas hand engraving pushes metal out of the pattern it traces, a laser pulverizes metal into powder that is pulled away by the machine’s exhaust system and can later be sent for refining.

A laser engraving machine can create virtually any shape, texture, pattern, or text—whatever the designer or the client can imagine. The following are tips and tricks for accurate and effective laser marking and engraving for your jewelry business.

Level up.

To make an even line of text or a pattern around the outside or inside of a ring, grab a mini-level to guarantee accuracy. “Place the level on top of the scan head housing to make sure it’s level, then the ring will engrave correctly.”

laser engraving jewelry

laser engraving jewelry

Stop reflection.

When you are trying to center a ring in preparation for laser engraving, all of the reflection coming off the metal can make this step tricky. To cut the metal’s selectivity, technician suggests placing a non-glossy piece of paper where you will be engraving. “We use a business card for this purpose and it works well every time,”. In addition, reflected light from the laser can damage colored stones, so take care when engraving or marking a finished piece of gem-set jewelry. “For example, if you have a stone-set ring and someone wants to put a date inside the shank near the stone, protect the stone with basic poster putty,” “You can use the putty over and over again.”

Test in brass.

If you’re going to invest in a laser engraving machine, add a bunch of brass blanks to your shopping list. “Sometimes we create different .jpg files and need to test them to make sure we have the correct power and that it will mark deeply enough,”“Instead of practicing on the real thing—especially if it’s a customer’s piece—we test it on the blank to make sure it marks correctly.”

laser-engraving-rings.jpgConsider future sizing.

When laser marking your logo inside of a ring, think ahead so a future sizing won’t destroy it. “When I mark a logo, I make sure it’s in a spot that someone will never have an issue with it down the road.”

Step inside, carefully. When marking the inside of a ring, verify that the laser is focused, and then double check. “If it’s not in focus, it’s not going to mark it correctly,”

“The mark may have a doubling effect or be blurry.”

In addition, check the inside diameter of the ring in two or three spots before laser engraving, as rings are seldom perfectly round. “If it’s a plain band, it’s generally the same all the way around,” “But if it’s a very intricate ring, the diameter may vary. In that case, you should average the measurements and cut all marks at one time. If you try to make one mark, remove the ring, place it back, and then make another mark, they will not line up.”

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Questions of XT Fiber Laser Industry-Tulsa

Questions of XT Fiber Laser Industry-Tulsa

Say hello again! Have a nice weekend!

According to our customer feedback and communicate processing with our customer in fiber laser industry.

Here we have some questions need to share with you.

If you can get these questions, hope it will help you.

No.1 Votage

Because our country standard voltage is 220V, so many customer worried that our machine can’t work in their country.

We have machine input voltage is 110V-120V, can suit other country customer’s demand.

We will send our machine with suit pug and voltage, so that it can work perfect.

For example, we dealed many customer of US, and feedback is good.

No.2 Payment

We have many ways to choose by our customer, for example, TT, Paypal, Credit.

We suggest and most of our customer is choose pay by TT, because it’s very easyto do.

But many customer never do a businesss with foreign company, they are glad to choose Paypal and credit.

Credit is more safe but will cost long time, paypal will need to pay 4% fee.

So we suggest TT if you are not very not trust TT in XT fiber laser industry.

No.3 If we can use and change machine parts easily?

Of course you can, no problem.

Actually, we will send you use manu, software amnu and use video before shippment.

In fact, our machine is very easy to use and control software is very easy too.

You can follow our video and manu to learn how to use it.

Even if you never used it before, you can use it perfect.


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Fiber laser marker for precious metal processing-Angelina

Fiber laser marker for precious metal processing

We all know that the fiber laser marker mainly mark on the metal.

However, the high power fiber laser marking machine also has the function to cutting.

For some customers who own a small shop maybe have no big budget for the machine.

Then they ask for the fiber laser marking machine to do their work.

This phenomenon is common in precious metal industry.

Such as the gold, silver, brass etc.

They often ask fort he high power, for example 50w and 100w fiber laser marker to cut their products.

Although comparing to those fiber laser cutting machine, the fiber laser marking machine cutting ability is a little weak.

It can still process the metal.

Here share some cutting samples we cut before for customer:

gold cutting sample

Most of the customer ask for the silver and the gold cutting.

For this requirements, we often introduce the 30w fiber laser marker to the customers with a small budget.

Bu the 30w machine speed would be a little lower than the 50w.

if the customer budget is enough , we advise the 50w.

Then it may help save much time for the customer.

For the gold and silver cutting, we usually advise the Ipg laser source rather than the Raycus.

In terms of the metal cutting, the IPG has more advantages than the Raycus.

That is cause the IPG  laser source is more advantageous than the Racyus for long-time processing.

gold cutting samples

Besides, some of the customers would like to process their products successively.

They want to improve the working efficiency.

Then we design the special equipment for them:

special equipment for the gold cutting

This equipment could help the customer process the products all the time.

Their working principle is mark-stop-mark-stop.

This equipment is controlled by the software.

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Laser engraving applications:Charry

Laser engraving applications

Laser engraving applications

As we known,laser engraving beyond a doubt is the most flexible and simple means of direct part identification or serialization available today. The ability to mark, deep engrave or cut  a host of different materials by simply changing various parameters.And offers an unsurpassed control, flexibility, quality and speed versus other types of marking methods.

Several factors are to adjust the engraving effect. Such as power output, number of passes, number of pulses and, frequency.

Firstly, Surface mark:

It is ideal when marking on coatings without penetrating through, such as chrome, nickel, gold, and silver etc.

Secondly, Surface coloring:

Most common when marking on titanium or stainless steel.

Thirdly,Deep engraving:

Utilizing a high power laser this process vaporizes a material to engrave into the base metal. Most common in plastic injection molds, Jewelry making, and stamping dies.

Fourthly, Laser Cutting:

it is ideal to cut intricate designs in all metal alloys including precious and non-precious alloys, firearms slides, lower receivers, medical devices and endoscopes.

Finally, Ablation:

Removing surface treatments to create translucent back round without damaging the base material.It is widely in backlit material processing such as backlit buttons.

A variety of textures, depths, and shadings from black to white are no problem. This software allows the user to import an image from many different graphics and CAD file types, then separate areas of the image into regions. Each region can then have a texture, depth or shading applied to it as easy as “coloring in a coloring book.”

Laser engraving is a great tool for many different materials. Including:  aluminum, stainless steel, titanium, copper, iron, brass, exotic metals and composites. Images can be engraved before or after custom coating

Share the samples with you:

Laser engraving applications









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Some knowledge of fiber laser marking system-Angelina

Some knowledge of fiber laser marking system

More and more people pay attention to the fiber laser marking system.

This type machine is easy to operate and brings much convenience to the customer.

1.Application scope and material of fiber laser marking system

First of all, it could apply into the automobile Parts.

For example, the Pistons, Piston Rings, Gears, Shafts, Bearings, Clutch, Lights, etc.

Secondly, it is the electronic Components.

Such as Resistance, Capacitance, Chips, Printed Circuit Boards, Computer Keyboard, etc.,

Thirdly, it is the mechanical Parts : Bearings, Gears, Standard Parts, Motors, etc.,

Besides, the Instrument : Panel Signs, Nameplates, Precision Equipment, etc.,

And hardware Tools: Knives, Tools, Measuring Tool, Cutting Tool, etc.

In the end, the daily Necessities: Handicrafts, Zipper, Key Holder, Sanitary Ware, etc.

fiber laser marking sample

2.Marking Characters of fiber laser marking system

First of all, marking the number you need

Fiber laser marking system on metal is a high-speed operation.

With the Fiber  laser marking systems providing controllable pulse rates.

We can adjust the rate from a continuous wave to a single pulse operating at up to 200 characters per second.

We could set the fiber laser marking system to perform sophisticated “step-and-repeat” operations.

Marking a large number of units in a short period of time.


Secondly,it’s easy to use.

In fact,training your staff to operate a laser marking machine and perform metal laser engraving requires minimal time and effort.

And the CAD operating software provides complete coordination of all integrated systems.

As we know,our laser education courses are designed to provide you with a solid foundation of fundamental laser marking skill.

It sets to immediately gain a revenue impact with your laser marking machine.


Thirdly,creating intelligent designs.

The graphic user interface of the laser marking program is formatted for Windows.

And it contains True Type fonts, a comprehensive bar code and 2D matrix library.

The software can import images from standard graphic design software packages.

Besides,it includes Adobe Illustrator and CorelDraw.




Gun owners have been adding personal touches with decorative artwork and embellishments to their guns since the development of firearms. In the 16th century, artistic efforts in marking firearms began to advance greatly.

laser engraving on firearms

laser engraving on firearms

Laser Engraving is the Way-laser engraving on firearms

It is important when selecting a laser engraving system for marking firearms to make sure it meets the ATF Guidelines for depth and size requirements. Selecting the wrong configuration can result in the inability to meet these requirements.

XTLASER’s FiberCube Laser Engraving Systems can achieve the necessary size and depth. “This machine is perfect for engraving firearms, due to the very small and detailed engravings at depths up to 0.040 in.(1mm),”  “Also, the engravings can be complete very quickly depending on the size and complexity of the engraving. In addition to being faster, a laser beam is much smaller than a tool bit, so it also looks crisper and cleaner than traditional methods of engraving. This tool never wears out, breaks or gets dull causing improper depth or size.”

The Laser Engraving System on firearms.

Also empowers firearms manufacturers and enthusiasts to personalize their guns. Customization for sportsmen, first res ponders and veterans provide a unique way to create a one-of-a-kind piece. Even complex images can be accurately render using laser engraving technologies, produce crisp lines, incredible detail and beautiful craftsmanship.

XTLASER’s Laser Engraving Software was developed exclusively for the firearms

industry through hundreds of applications and requests by

manufacturers and aftermarket retailers. Its purpose was to provide an

easy-to-use, straightforward method to create amazing graphics and visual effects on

all types of firearms as well as other items.

A variety of textures, depths, and shadings from black to white are supplied in the standard package. This software allows the user to import an image from many different graphics and CAD file types then separate areas of the image into regions. Each region can then have a texture, depth or shading applied to it as easy as “coloring in a coloring book.”

Patterns and effects are only limited by the user’s imagination and with the recent introduction of XTLASER’s “Color Effect” module some materials such as stainless steel can have actual colors applied in this “paint by numbers” method. Imagine the American Flag draped on the slide of your gun in actual, Red, White and Blue or the “Guns and Roses” image with actual “red roses.”

XTLASER’s product line with Marking Software is the perfect solution for any arena of the firearms and tactical weapons industry.Three sizes are currently available, the original  (standard size), the  Compact (for smaller applications) and the new  (for larger applications). They are all application specific and depend on the volume and size of the parts to be mark all the way to accommodating rifle barrels and receivers.

laser engraving on firearms

laser engraving on firearms

Operator tasks are also simple, a part is load into the system,

if the programmable focus adjustment available focus set automatically.

Otherwise it manually set with the dual focus alignment diodes, the red laser

trace feature draws a visible red box showing the location of the image to be laser,

either the part can be move into that location or the location itself can be move with

the software (with the appropriate fixture, no alignment is necessary).

The safety door is then close and the part is mark.

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Mopa color marking machine export-XT Laser Wendy

Mopa color marking machine export-XT Laser Wendy

>Color marking technical requirements:

1). 20W Mopa color marking machine. Then it can adapt to the complex work environment. And really free maintenance.

2). The use life of the laser can up to 100000 hours.

3). According to the characteristic of products. Then we can design special fixtures.

4). With high-quality scanning galvanometer. Then greatly improving mark speed

5). Mark with the feature of clear and beautiful. Then qr code or planar bar code clear and easy to be scanning.


>>The features of color marking equipment

1. The real beauty of our M-Series is not only the fact that they produce excellent marking quality. Then they are basically maintenance-free.

2. This technology doesn’t require external chiller units. Then lamp changes, and many of the other somewhat tedious upkeep procedures. Then other systems do. Simple periodic filter changes. Then basic cleaning techniques will keep your laser running optimally for a very long time.

3. F-Series laser systems also have the benefit of a very long lifespan. Then fiber technology in general is rated for 100,000 hours before needing any replacements.

4. Also, our fiber systems are not only cheaper to maintain. Then are typically less expensive than many of our other systems.

5. This makes for a better entry-level solution that many of our customers can appreciate. These are a popular choice. Not only for heavy industrial applications. But also for smaller job shops as well. Then fiber laser marking machine can make color on SS,hot selling in the market.

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Laser Marking a Stainless Steel Medical I.D.: Charry

Laser Marking a Stainless Steel Medical I.D.

Laser Marking a Stainless Steel Medical I.D.

Laser Marking a Stainless Steel Medical I.D.








According to customers requirements,many medical parts with the following needs:

Firstly, Material:

Medical I.D. Bracelet – 304 Stainless Steel

Secondly,time cost: 15 to 20 Seconds per Side

Thirdly, Information:
Text in Arial or Arial Bold Font 1.5 – 2 mm text height.

Laser marking on stainless steel typically depletes the protective chromium layer around the laser marked heat affected zone.

There is a technique to reduce or eliminate rusting. Cause free ions with unwanted oxidation on stainless steel after laser marking. Using the this technique, the stainless steel laser marking samples have a pleasing cosmetic dark laser mark. Contrasting against the silver background and readable at arms length. All samples have a smooth feel when placed against the skin. Samples are checked for permanence by abrasion testing using a jewelers wheel and finally with a more robust testing by using a scouring pad.

Testing the stainless steel for corrosion around the laser marked area,placing the steel sample in a highly concentrated salt water bath for 24 hours after laser marking. No evidence of rusting around the marked area was observed.

As a professional  fiber laser machine suppliers. We will evaluate your laser marking or laser engraving requirements, define the application goals and objectives, specify and verify the correct laser marking platform, and define a complete system configuration to accomplish the desired results.

So there is one medical marking video:

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Metal cnc laser cutting machine’s advantages-Jennifer

Nowadays, many clients show interests in the metal cnc laser cutting machine. Yes, many clients, will pay attention to the fiber laser cutting machine. Although they used to use the plasma cutting machine and waterjet cutting. Why they all changes into the metal cnc laser cutting machine? Today, we are going to talk more details about the reason and it’s necessity.

What is the plasma cutting & waterjet cutting ?

Fiber laser is the laser light with 1060nm wavelength. Plasma cutter is the good way to cut high thickness metal plate. Because it’s cost is cheaper. And for high thickness metal plate, clients donot have too much requirement about the cutting effects. When the cutting over, they will do the second time processing. So plasma cutting used to be very popular in the metal cutting. While for waterjet cutting, is a way to cutting water by high pressure water. It’s major advantage is the low cost, easy maintenance and more applicable materials.

Why plasma cutting & waterjet cutting is out of style now?

Now that the plasma cutting & waterjet cutting have so many advantages. But why many manufacturers give them up now? Because with the mature of fiber laser technology, people find the fiber laser cutting has it’s unique advantages in the thin metal processing. Fiber laser cutting machine’s final products once finished, it is the final products. There is no need for second time processing. What’s more, the metal cnc laser cutting machine’s price is not so higher. It’s maintenance cost is far lower and easier than plasma cutting. The power consumption is lower than these two machines. On the one hand, the fiber laser cutter’s cutting effects is more precision than plasma cutting. On the other hand, the metal cnc laser cutting machine’s cutting efficiency is high than plasma cutting machine. There is no wonder that many suppliers will choose the XT LASER metal laser fiber cutting machine.


The advantages of cnc fiber laser metal marking machine- Jennifer

Fiber laser marking machine is one of the biggest application in the laser processing technology fields. It has the unique strength than silk-screen, pressing, and electro corrosion. What’s more, in the real application field, it’s advantage is quite clear.

The major showing forms are listed as below:

Firstly,  high reliable in the cnc fiber laser metal marking machine. The marking format, letter, series number, clear. And it belongs to the non-touching processing, so the whole processing items will keep original and unbroken.

Secondly,  computer-drawing, composing with high science. In the computer system, it can finish all the images.

Thirdly,  anti-counterfeiting performance is high in the cnc fiber laser metal marking machine. It can customize many colors. It can make sure that your products will not be faked & copied. More and more best-selling products can get.

Fourth. High marking speed in the fiber laser marking machine. Shortening using time for one unit item. It will enhance the manufacturing efficiency. More orders can be gotten in the long term using this metal laser marking machine .

Fiveth. High precision, high beautiful outlook products by fiber laser marking machine. It is ornamental performance is strong. CNC fiber laser metal marking machine is with the high marking accuracy & high good-looking products. In the final products, it will enhance the products’ effects.

Sixth, Multi-usage in many different application in the cnc metal laser cutting machine. Many fields can use this fiber laser marking machine. Logo marking, series number engraving, metal tag, customized gifts using, and so on. Clients have the high satisfaction in the cnc fiber laser metal marking machine.

Lastly, more clients will use this fiber laser marking machine in many fields. Iphone fonts marking, dog tag marking, logo printing, customized presents and so on.