fiber laser cutting and typesetting notes-Eason

fiber laser cutting and typesetting notes

1. Corner melting
When cut down the corners of the thin steel plate, the laser will melt the corner due to overheating. In the corner to generate a small radius to maintain the high-speed laser cutting, to avoid the corner when the steel plate overheating melting phenomenon, so as to obtain good cutting quality, and reduce cutting time, improve productivity.


2. Part Spacing
In general, the cutting thick plate and hot plate, the spacing between the parts to be large, because the hot plate heat effect of the thick plate, in cutting corner corners and small graphics, easy to burn edge, affect cutting quality.


3. Leader setting
In the process of cutting thicker plates, in order to make the cut joints good, prevent the beginning and end burns, often at the beginning and end of the cutting each section of the transition line, known as the lead and tail line. The lead and tail line is not used for the workpiece , so arrange outside the scope of the workpiece, but also note that the leader can not be set in sharp corners and other difficult to heat. The connection between the lead and the slit is made by the arc transition, which makes the machine move smoothly and avoids the burn caused by the corner pause.


4, Edge Cutting
Two or more parts together into a combination, a large number of regular graphics as far as possible, common cutting can greatly shorten the cutting time, but also to save raw materials.


5. Parts collision
In order to maximize the efficiency of production, most  laser cutting equipment is 24h continuous operation, and the use of unmanned automation/unloading device, hit the cutting finish of the tilting parts caused by cutting head damage and production interruption, resulting in greater loss. This needs to be sorted when attention: ① Choose the right cutting path, bypass the cut parts, reduce collisions. ② choose the best cutting route, reduce cutting time. ③ automatically or manually combine multiple small parts with tiny connections, and after cutting, the removed parts can easily disconnect tiny connections.


6. Surplus Material Treatment
After cutting the parts, laser cutting equipment on the platform of the skeleton-like residue needs to be removed as soon as possible to facilitate subsequent cutting operations.
For a laser cutting device without an automatic unloading device, a skeleton rest can be cut into small pieces to facilitate rapid removal. Thus avoiding the operator caused by moving heavy and sharp edges of the rest of the personal injury.

fiber laser cutting machine parameters-Eason

1. Special Equipment

To reduce the change of focus spot size caused by the change of beam size before focusing, the manufacturers of laser cutting system at home and abroad provide some special devices for users to choose from:
(1) Parallel light tube. This is a commonly used method, that is, in the output end of the CO2 laser with a parallel light tube to expand the beam processing, the beam diameter widened, the divergence angle smaller, so that in the cutting work range of near-end and distal focus beam size near the same.
(2) The lower axis of an independent moving lens is added to the cutting head, and the z-axis of the distance (standoff) from the control nozzle to the material surface is two separate parts. When the machine tool worktable moves or the optical axis moves, the beam from the proximal to the distal f axis also moves simultaneously, causes the light spot diameter in the entire processing area to be consistent in the beam focusing.
(3) control the pressure of the focusing mirror (usually the metal reflective focusing system). If the beam size becomes smaller and the focal spot diameter becomes larger, the automatic water pressure changes the focusing curvature to make the focus spot diameter smaller.
(4) To increase the x and Y direction of the Compensation optical path system on the Flying optical Road cutting machine. This means that the compensating optical path is shortened when the cutting distance is increased, and conversely, when the cutting near-end optical path decreases, the compensating optical paths are increased to keep the length of the light path consistent.
2. Cutting perforation Technology
Any kind of thermal cutting technology, except a few cases can start from the edge of the plate, generally must wear a small hole on the board. Earlier in the laser stamping composite machine is a punch first punch out a hole, and then the laser from the small hole to start cutting. There are two basic methods for punching a laser cutter without a stamping device:


(1) Blasting perforation: (blastdrilling), the material after irradiation by continuous laser in the center to form a concave pit, and then by the coaxial with the laser beam oxygen flow will quickly remove the molten material to form a hole. The size of  general hole is related to the thickness of the plate, the average diameter of the blasting perforation is half of the thickness of the plate, so the perforation aperture of the thicker plate is larger and not round, so it is unsuitable to use (such as oil sieve pipe) on the parts with higher requirements. In addition, due to perforation of the oxygen pressure is the same as the cutting, splash larger.


(2) Pulse perforation: (pulsedrilling) The use of High peak power pulse laser to make a small amount of material melting or vaporization, commonly used air or nitrogen as an auxiliary gas, in order to reduce the exothermic oxidation of the hole expansion, gas pressure is less than the oxygen pressure when cutting. Each pulsed laser produces only a small particle jet that is gradually deepened, so that the perforated time of the thick plate takes a few seconds. Once the perforation is complete, the auxiliary gas is immediately replaced with oxygen for cutting. The perforation is better than blasting perforation because of its small diameter. The lasers used in this field should not only have high output power, but also the time and space characteristics of more important time bundles, so the general Cross-flow CO2 lasers cannot adapt to the requirements of laser cutting.

3. Nozzle design and airflow control technology

When laser cutting steel, oxygen and focused laser beams are shot through the nozzle to the cut material, thus forming a gas beam. The basic requirement for airflow is that the airflow into the incision is large and the speed is high, so that enough oxidation can make the incision material fully exothermic, and there is enough momentum to blow the molten material out. Therefore, in addition to the quality of the beam and its control directly affect the cutting quality, the nozzle design and airflow control (such as nozzle pressure, workpiece position in the airflow, etc.) is also a very important factor. The nozzle for laser cutting uses a simple structure, i.e. a tapered hole with a small round hole in the end. 


Because the nozzle is generally made of copper, small size, is easy to damage parts, need to be replaced frequently, so do not carry out fluid mechanics calculation and analysis. In use, from the nozzle side to a certain pressure pn (table pressure for PG) of the gas, said nozzle pressure, from the nozzle exit, through a certain distance to the workpiece surface, the pressure is said to cut the pressure pc, the last gas expansion to the atmospheric pressure Pa. The research shows that with the increase of PN, the airflow velocity increases and the PC increases.

please calculate by following formula : V=8.2D2 (pg+1)

V-Gas Velocity l
D-Nozzle diameter mm
pg-Nozzle pressure (gauge pressure) bar


For different gases there are different pressure thresholds, when the nozzle pressure exceeds this value, the airflow is the normal oblique shock wave, the flow velocity from subsonic to supersonic transition. This threshold is related to the PN, PA ratio and the degree of Freedom (n) of the gas molecule two factors: such as oxygen, air n=5, so its threshold value Pn=1barx (1.2) 3.5=1.89bar. When the nozzle pressure is higher pn/pa= (1+1/n) 1+N/2 (Pn;4bar), the airflow normal oblique shock seal becomes the positive shock wave, the cutting pressure pc drops, the airflow velocity is reduced, and the surface of the workpiece is formed Eddy, which weakens the effect of the airflow to remove the molten material and affects the cutting speed. Therefore, the nozzle pressure of the nozzle with a small round hole with the end of the cone hole is usually below 3bar.

Laser Cutting Machine Technology How To Deal With Burrs?-Anne

Laser Cutting Machine Technology How To Deal With Burrs?

Fiber Laser cutting machine processing sheet metal burr what is the reason?Here we give you a simple analysis.

The working principle of fiber laser cutting machine, analysis of the resulting burr causes and solutions.

First, the focus of the beam position deviation.–fiber-laser-cutting-machine

Solution:adjust the focus position, according to its offset position to adjust


Second, the output power of the machine is not enough.–fiber-laser-cutting-machine

Check whether the fiber laser cutting machine works properly. If not normal, it needs to repaire and maintain machine in time. If normal, check whether the output value is correct or not.


Three, the cutting speed of the fiber laser cutting machine is too slow–fiber-laser-cutting-machine

Solution: timely adjust and improve the speed of wire cutting


Four, the purity of the auxiliary gas of the fiber laser cutting machine is not enough.–fiber-laser-cutting-machine

Solution: improve the purity of the auxiliary gas


Five, the cutting point of the laser beam of the cutting machine has shifted.–fiber-laser-cutting-machine

Solution: focus debugging, timely adjustment


Six, laser cutting machine operation time is too long to produce instability–fiber-laser-cutting-machine

Solution: close the machine, restart and let the machine rest


The main reason of burr in laser cutting machine.when the laser cutting machine is working the workpiece, the laser beam irradiates the high energy produced on the workpiece surface,

so that the workpiece surface vaporization rapidly, and evaporation, to achieve the purpose of cutting. But there is a core device, we must attach importance to auxiliary gas.

The auxiliary gas is when the workpiece surface irradiation after gasification, blew the slag on the surface of workpiece,If the auxiliary gas is not used, the slag will be cooled and the burr will be formed on the cutting surface.

This is the main reason for burr formation

Another reason is the quality of the equipment itself, as well as the parameter setting factors, all customers after the purchase of laser cutting machine, must be professional operators debugging equipment.

So it’s important to choose a quality factory with good after-sale service .

Solution to burrs in sheet metal processing by laser cutting machine;

1.must be equipped with air compressor, the use of auxiliary gas to cut.

2.Find a professional operator debug laser cutting machine parameters until normal.


Anti-freezing work of laser cutting machine:Charry

Anti-freezing work of laser cutting machine

Anti-freezing work of laser cutting machine

Due to the unique structure of fiber lasers, improper operation mode may cause serious damage to the inner core components of fiber lasers in the operating environment with low temperature. Therefore, the fiber lasers in the cold winter more need to care.
In order to help you better protect the laser equipment, extend the life of the machine, the hundred-dimensional laser to provide you with the following solutions:
1. First of all, please strictly follow the instructions of the hundred-dimensional laser operation. The ambient operating temperature of the hundred-dimensional fiber laser is allowed to range: 10 ℃-40 ℃.
2. Extreme hypothermia can cause the internal waterway of the laser to freeze and not work properly. Therefore, the hundred dimensional proposal:
• Please add in the water chiller tank based on glycol. Allowing the addition of solution to the measurement range: 10%-20% of the container, for example: your chiller tank capacity is 100 liters, add based on ethylene glycol can not exceed 20 liters.
In addition, the addition of ethylene glycol is based on the need to consult your chiller manufacturer.
• Low ambient temperatures during the winter months, such as the laser water pipe connection is placed outdoors.It is strongly recommended that customers do not close the chiller in this case. (If your laser has a maximum power of 2-kilowatt (including) above, you must turn on the laser 24 volt power switch while running the chiller).

Anti-freezing work of laser cutting machine

3. If the ambient temperature of the laser is used between 10℃-40℃, no antifreeze is added. In addition, in summer, please clean the antifreeze in the refrigerator, and then inject distilled water for use.
4. If you do not add antifreeze, you can keep the cold water cooler for 24 hours without shutting off the machine.
5. If your laser is in a long-term downtime in winter, be sure to drain the residual water from the laser water pipe.
6. If the laser in the low-temperature weather need to transport or repair, also must be the residual water in the laser drainage dry before packing transport.
7. If your laser maximum power is above 2-kilowatt (including), please be sure to drain the laser power, otherwise, the internal water of the laser solenoid valve will not be opened due to the normal drainage.
Sharing some cutting samples with you:

Anti-freezing work of laser cutting machine

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How To Choose Laser Cutting Machine Lens?-Anne

How to choose fiber laser cutting machine lens?

Protective lenses, as the name suggests, is used to prevent dust and slag splash, protect the focus lens.-fiber laser cutting machine

Other than those used in fiber laser cutting machines.

they are also necessary for other laser equipment including laser marking,laser welding and laser engraving . Visible, the application of protective lenses market is very large.

Select the laser cutting machine lens protection three steps-fiber laser cutting machine

1) Overall dimensions match, this is easy to understand;

2) Materials, according to different laser power, consider the use of can choose K9, quartz, in the practical application process,

professional manufacturers  divide into two types of material into multiple levels.customers can choose the appropriate specifications according to actual needs.

3)Coating, laser antireflection film, according to the use of different coating technology parameters.

Although the protective lens of fiber laser cutting machine is vulnerable parts,

in order to improve its utilization rate and reduce the production cost.

You can clean the lens by regular cleaning, to achieve the purpose of recycling,

Here are three cleaning steps summarized by XT LASER:

1)Protective lens material is ZnS (zinc arsenic), more brittle, afraid of falling.-fiber laser cutting machine

Pay attention to when dismantling: can not be too hard, can not collide with hard object.

Anti-reflective film on the surface, afraid of pollution, afraid of wet, afraid of oily, afraid of scratch.

It is required in the work to provide dry, to the oil air, do not directly handle laser cutting machine lens protection lenses, because the skin will have a permanent fat on the lens surface damage.

Instead, you can work with gloves and its special kit, and for smaller lenses, optical tweezers or vacuum tweezers are more convenient.

No matter what method to clip the laser cutting machine to protect the lens,must follow the non optical surface clamping,  such as the frosted edges on the mirror plaque.

2)Under normal circumstances, before and after cleaning are required to check the laser cutting machine to protect the lens.

Because most of the contaminants and surface defects are relatively small in size, we often need to magnify the equipment when examining the lenses.

In addition to enlarging the equipment, sometimes we need to illuminate the optical surface with a brighter beam of light, enhancing the specular reflection of surface contaminants and defects, making it easier to spot contaminants and defects.

3)When cleaning a laser cutting machine to protect the lens, often use a clean wipe paper and optical grade solvent to prevent damage by other pollutants.

Use wet wipe the paper , do not dry to use.

In the softness of the consideration, the available wipe paper is cotton Webril wipe paper or cotton ball, lens paper, and cotton applicator applicator.




Fiber laser cutting machine will become the first choice of elevator processing industry -Eason

Fiber laser cutting machine 

In the real estate, urban public construction and other industrial development driven, world elevator market to maintain a 20% annual increase in speed.fiber laser cutting machine become the world’s largest new elevator market.
In addition, along with the new-type fiber laser cutting machine in the sheet metal processing industry continue to popularize, fiber laser cutting into the elevator market a technology flow, improve the elevator industry automation, intelligent degree, promote the elevator processing technology breakthrough.
What is the difference between the traditional method of elevator processing and laser processing technology? How does the fiber laser cutting technology explode the elevator market?
Traditional processing methods
The former machine factory basically uses the multi-position punching machine processing plank, mainly including the vehicle, the milling, planing, drilling, grinding and so on processing procedure.they mainly relies on the mechanical external force to complete the redundant metal layer stripping process with the hard tool. The procedure is complex, the workpiece is easy to variant, consumes a lot of manpower, material and financial resources.
CO2 Laser Processing Mode
CO2 Laser Cutting Machine is the first laser processing equipment used in domestic elevator industry. The use of light, electricity, chemical and other mechanical energy to complete the stripping process of materials, can be used in lower hardness material to achieve the processing of high hardness materials. Compared with the traditional processing mode of laser processing has no contact, easy processing, safety and environmental protection and other unique advantages.
Fiber laser cutting to seize the elevator market
Because the elevator manufacturing is basically to 3mm or so stainless steel, the use of CO2 laser cutting machine processing power consumption is higher, gas consumption is larger. CO2 Laser Cutting machine because of its high cost, debugging complex and other shortcomings, has not been the pace of elevator industry development.and The new type fiber laser cutting machine has very fast speed, low operating cost, can cut copper, aluminum and other high reflective materials, as well as the characteristics of the absence of light road, so that it gradually replaces the CO2 laser cutting machine in the field of metal processing, and become the preferred tool for elevator processing industry.


fiber laser cutting machine high efficiency, high quality, high degree of automation, applicable to carbon steel, stainless steel, silicon steel, galvanized sheet, aluminum alloy, copper and other metal materials of professional cutting.for the metal material cutting, hollowing, drilling and other processes to provide a strong technical support. then the laser products are suitable for metal processing in elevators and other industries, and can ensure the smoothness of the section at the same time as the rapid cutting of the elevator sheet metal fittings.


How to choose gas for fiber laser cutting machine-Eason

How to choose gas?

First, consider the auxiliary gas and metal materials to produce chemical reaction, increase the work ability intensity, better processing;
Second, through the gas to remove the equipment from the cutting area slag, cleaning some of the cut seam;
Third, can cool the adjacent area of the cut seam, reduce the size of the heat affected area of the factors occur;
Four, can protect the focus lens, prevent some burning products stained optical lenses.

What are the common auxiliary gases?

Laser cutting machine in the processing of metal sheet, the general can choose nitrogen, oxygen, air these three types of gas as auxiliary gas. Their auxiliary functions are as follows:
Nitrogen: When cutting colored plates, such as stainless steel or aluminum plate, the choice of nitrogen as an auxiliary gas, can play a role in cooling and protection of material auxiliary. Because these materials are easily oxidized to black, adopt nitrogen can largely avoid it happening.
Oxygen: When cutting carbon steel, oxygen can be used because oxygen has the auxiliary effect of cooling and accelerating the combustion to accelerate the cutting. General combustion is required to have oxygen to be able to burn up, for carbon steel containing a large amount of carbon impurities can be accelerated combustion, thus rapid cutting. But it will be largely black.


Air: This is to save costs and use of auxiliary gases, the use of air as an auxiliary gas can be cut stainless steel, but the reverse side will have a small burr, sanded with sandpaper can maximize the accuracy. That is to say, laser cutting machine in cutting a lot of material, can choose air as auxiliary gas.


Types and effects of gases used in laser cutting machines:
1 air: ① as a cutting gas using ② as a cooling cutting head using ③ as a light path for internal dust removal (protect lenses to extend the use of lenses)
2) General oxygen: As a carbon steel cutting gas (combustion-supporting) purity 99.5%
3 Pure nitrogen: As a stainless steel cutting gas (cooling) purity 99.9% (cutting carbon steel speed of 3/4)
4 High Purity nitrogen: As a laser used gas, purity: 99.999%
5 High purity Helium: used as a laser gas, purity: 99.999%
6 High purity Carbon dioxide: As a laser used gas, purity: 99.999%
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four points common sense of fiber laser cutting machine maintenance in Summer-Eason

1 Heat dissipation
As the main dust of the fiber laser cutting machine is the dust of the slit melt blown in the air, as far as possible the equipment is in the air circulation state. it is recommended to clean the dust in the electric cabinet and check the working condition of the radiator fan regularly.
2 water Cooling
High temperature, the deterioration of the cooling water speed will also be is recommended that optical fiber laser cutting machine users use of regular distilled or pure waters, and regularly clean scale, so as not to cause the laser and pipe adhesion to the laser power. Notice that the cooling water temperature does not differ from the air temperature too much.The majority of optical fiber laser cutting machine users set the water temperature of about 25-32 degrees. With the increasing temperature in summer, the cooling system of the fiber laser cutting machine has a sharp increase in work pressure, and it is recommended that the internal pressure of the cooler be inspected before the high temperature.

3. lubrication

The guide should be often cleaned, excluding dust and other sundries, to ensure that the normal laser equipment rack to wipe regularly, add lubricating oil, time should make adjustments.Compared with the spring and Autumn period to shorten 0.5-1 time times, and maintain the observation of the oil quality, for high-temperature area work machinery to improve the viscosity of the engine properly, grease oil temperature easy to change appropriate refueling, to ensure that lubrication and no debris. Carefully check the laser cutting machine cutting track straightness and the verticality of the machine, found that the normal timely maintenance of debugging. Guide rails should be often cleaned and lubricating oil, the motor should also be regularly cleaned and on the lubricating oil, the machine in the road can better walk, more accurate cutting, cutting out of the product quality will improve.

4 lines

Check and replace aging wires, plugs, hose, connectors; Check the electrical components connector pins are loose, timely tightening, to avoid bad contact caused by electrical appliances burned and signal transmission instability.
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